Should You Be Worried About Denuvo in Monster Hunter World PC?

Monster Hunter World PC releasing next month and it, unfortunately, uses Denuvo DRM. We all know what the use of Denuvo means for a PC title and we’re not happy with it. What does this mean for the game on PC though?

Fans were waiting for Monster Hunter World PC for quite some time now, however, no one thought that it will ship with Denuvo DRM since it’s grown completely unpopular over the past year.

A lot of popular games launch with Denuvo DRM integrated into their software. It is supposed to make the game “impenetrable” to piracy and keep it out of the pirate market for longer, if not ever. As you might have guessed, this isn’t happening.

Over the past years, games using Denuvo have been successfully pirated into only a few hours after their release. This not only hurts the companies but the players as well. Games using Denuvo are tied to the company’s servers, meaning that if their downwards popularity causes the company to close, you lose your games as well.

Furthermore, it’s not unusual for games using Denuvo to be unavailable to the public at times where the company’s servers are down for various reasons. All things considered, Denuvo doesn’t protect games anymore and neither will it protect Monster Hunter World PC.

It’s not weird that many games that used that service are now removing it since it has become unpopular for both companies and players. Its use even comes the extent that players are claiming it affects the game’s performance, while many publishers have pointed out that this isn’t happening.

Putting it into the situation of Monster Hunter World PC, its system requirements reveal that this is not a low-end game. If its performance is to be compromised in any way by Denuvo, then players will be furious. Especially given the game’s smooth launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, its community won’t be forgiving.

Is Monster Hunter World PC safe from piracy though? The answer is no. Recent examples show that games using Denuvo may indeed be more vulnerable to piracy than ones that don’t use it. Since the game has its own log-in protection, it’s almost sure that even piracy won’t affect Monster Hunter World PC that much, if so though, why implement it in the first place?

Monster Hunter: World releases on August 9, 2018, for PC/Steam. It’s already available now for PS4 and Xbox One.