New Limited Time Mode Coming to Fornite Battle Royale

Fortnite has been the talk of the town in and outside the gaming community for a while now. Recently with the Season 5 happening players might have cracked a code in the game files of an upcoming limited time mode by the name of “Tactical Showdown”.

Fortnite has proven to be the ultimate battle royale game as it has been captivating gamers of all sorts with its compelling gameplay and unique combat style. People are uniting on every gaming console available to experience all that Fortnite has to offer.

The buzz created by this game has pleased gamers with different skill levels due to its user-friendly interface. The set of Fornite user-base who still couldn’t get enough of it decided to interpret the game files to let out more details about what the game has to offer further.

From what has been discovered from Season 5 game files, a limited time mode is anticipated without the knowledge of knowing when it’ll be out. Although Tactical Showdown had been hinted in Season 4 of Fortnite no official confirmation has been released yet. However the new Limited Time Mode “encourages tactical combat and building by putting a cap on the number of resources and ammunition players can carry”, Epic Games established. The developer further clarified “Player-built structures also start off with less health than normal, and when players are eliminated they will drop fewer resources than normal.”

In conjunction with the scraps provided by Epic Games Fornite enthusiasts started putting the pieces together from the information gather off a loading screen, which revealed the following instructions:

Focus on the Fight – Winning in Tactics Showdown requires careful aim and thoughtful use of building materials.
Build Smart –Try using natural cover in order to conserve resources!

Don’t Spray & Spray – The cap on how much ammo can be carried is lower in this mode -make every shot count!

These guidelines suggest that the next Limited Time Mode likely to be “Tactical Showdown” is going to be a relatively extreme mode. This mode seems to be the one for the pro-gamers perhaps. As of now, no official date has been confirmed of the all-new Fornite Limited Time Mode called “Tactical Showdown”.