Nathan Fillion Believes That Cayde-6 Is Not Truly Dead, Guardians Do Come Back

Destiny 2 took a surprise turn at E3 last month by introducing their latest Forsaken expansion in a brand new trailer which looked amazing but it also shocked everyone by revealing the death of one of the most beloved characters in Destiny which is none other than Cayde-6. Bungie has continued to tell that Cayde-6 is gone forever but voice actor behind the character, Nathan Fillion, believes that he’s not truly dead.

Nathan Fillion recently talked to Kotaku in details about the great Uncharted fan film he starred in and afterward he went on to confirm that he’s not present in the Destiny 2 Forsaken expansion at all which includes not voice acting for Cayde in the game.

He said he wasn’t available for the expansion and then he talked about Cayde-6 by saying:

“How do I feel about Cayde-6? I absolutely love him. How do I feel about that character dying? I don’t personally believe it. He’s a Guardian. He should be able to come back. I mean, that’s their whole thing, they come back, right? The whole thing is the resurrection.”

Nathan Fillion believes in the resurrection of the guardians which makes us think yes, after all, Cayde might come back sometime in the future.

Now for those who are wondering, it’s Nolan North who is doing the voice acting of Cayde 6 in Forsake expansion and you’d already know him for his prominent role as the player’s ghost.

Cayde 6 was killed by the Prince Uldren and after the trailer, a memorial for him was set up outside the E3 building by a fan.

In other news, the Forsaken expansion will bring a variety of changes to the mods. Mods will gain importance, they will be fewer but more useful than before.