Intel Z370 Motherboards Will Support Upcoming 8-core Chips According To BIOS Update

Intel Z370 motherboards just got a BIOS update and it seems that these chips will support the upcoming 8-core CPUs that Intel is going t be launching later this year. The BIOS has been marked as a Beta version so I am not sure whether or not this can be taken as official support or not. Things could change further down the line.

It is possible that these upcoming 8-core chips will be overclockable and that is why Intel is supporting them on Z370 motherboards or maybe that is just what Intel wants to do. Very little information is known about the upcoming 8-core CPUs at this point, so we cannot say anything for certain. We did hear about Z390 motherboards coming out and we thought that these chipsets would be the only ones to support the 8-core processors but that does not seem to be the case.

Intel Z370 Motherboards

We have got reports that the Z390 motherboards will just be a rebrand of the current Intel Z370 motherboards and that there won’t be anything special about them. This is something that we have yet to see and we are already getting word regarding the different Z390 motherboards that will be coming out.

Intel is sticking with the 14nm process for now and according to the roadmap that we have seen, the 19nm process will not reach the masses until 2020. This puts Intel more than a year behind AMD. Team Red, on the other hand, has already released chips based on the 12nm process and is claiming to sample 7nm based chips later this year. The race is on and AMD seems to be in the lead, at least from where I am sitting.

Let us know what you think about the upcoming Intel Z370 motherboards supporting the Intel 8-core chips that are expected to launch before the end of the year.