There are A Lot Of Very Good Video Game Brain Effects, Say Scientists

For every sort of log from a scientific journal (or some hysterical parent or ignorant politician) about how video games cause violence, there’s always another one you can pull up that talks about the good video game brain effects that have also been scientifically documented and proven, regardless of time.

Video games have gotten a lot of flak for supposedly being the instigators of violence across the world along with the cause of addiction whenever a news story comes up about someone being unhealthily addicted to a game or dying because they were so busy gaming that they forgot to eat or bathe or go to the bathroom.

However, there’s a lot of good to be said about video games, particularly video game brain effects. It’s been proven that it helps people to develop hand-eye coordination, serves as stress relief, and more. The brain is a remarkable organ capable of adjusting to many situations due to a quality called neuroplasticity, which means that it can alter itself depending on a variety of outside stimuli.

For another way of showing positive video game brain effects, an experiment was done with two groups of people, a control group who didn’t play games, and an experimental group who did. The experimental group playing the games was found to have significant improvements to cognitive and perceptive functions in their brain, meaning they could notice more detail and could exhibit better critical thinking skills.

People who play video games are also less likely to make impulsive decisions, even in the case where what you see might dictate an immediate response. After all, in games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or Dark Souls, a wrong move made at the wrong time might see you get yourself killed very fast.

Along with other previously stated advantages, like being therapeutic when it comes to dealing with stress, people who don’t play video games don’t become as happy as people who do, even if they’re engaged in fun activities for a similar length of time.

While there are still disadvantages to games, and even though gaming disorders and addictions are nothing to sneeze at, video games are far from being an exclusively negative pastime, and the good video game brain effects outweigh the bad.