Could Darksiders 3 Compete With God of War? The Devs Think They Might Have A Shot

Darksiders 3 is the next game in the franchise and keeping in mind how long THQ Nordic has made us wait for the game, there is no surprise that there is so much hype around the game. While some might consider this a AAA game, Darksiders 3 has a small budget and team working on the game as compared to other games, God of War for instance.

The first Darksiders game came out just before the third God of War game and at that time it was something new from Vigil. Years later, we have Fury with her whips and the combat which we have seen can be compared to Kratos and his chains. While God of War is a AAA game with a huge budget and an animation team the size of the total team working on Darksiders 3, the devs believe that they might have a shot.

While Fury’s weapon of choice might be similar to that of Kratos in terms of mechanics, these are two very different games. While God of War presents a graphically real world, the Darksiders art style is different and can be called a bit cartoonish. The devs talked (translation) about the matter and the following is what they had to say in this regard:

The term “AAA game” is information that a huge number of specialists worked on a given title for several years, and astronomical amounts were spent on the marketing campaign. However, for others there is still a place on the market, you can still achieve success if you have a decent product offering interesting ideas and experiences. If something is good for you, if it somehow appeals to you, you will choose it anyway, without looking if it is “AAA game” or not.

This is indeed true. Often a low budget game comes out on top and becomes a fan favorite. While having a huge marketing budget does help promote the game and might give the game an initial boost when it comes to sales but we have often seen that people buy into the hype surrounding a game but when they actually play the title, they don’t really like it.

Darksiders 3 might not be a big game, it might not have a huge team working on it and it might not have an enormous marketing budget but fans of series want to know what is next in the franchise and they are going to get the game because of the nostalgia and great storytelling that we have experienced in the previous titles. I have to agree with what the devs say, Darksiders provides a great experience and that is what people are going to pay for.

It will be interesting to see how Darksiders 3  plays out in the end but being a fan of the franchise I am sure that the fans will do it justice. In the past couple of weeks, we have learned about Fury’s elemental forms and that the game is going to have a leveling mechanic. For more information regarding Darksiders 3 stay tuned to SegmentNext.

Let us know what you think about Darksiders 3 and whether or not you are interested in playing the game.