Bethesda Is “Sometimes Afraid” Of Fallout 76 Being A Multiplayer Experience

Fallout 76 is not a traditional Fallout game as Bethesda is developing it as a multiplayer title instead of the pure singleplayer experience. While this is a bold step from the studio but, the idea of Fallout 76 being a multiplayer title is frightening for Bethesda too.

Speaking with The Guardian, Bethesda’s Todd Howard talked about the upcoming title and expressed that he and the team behind Fallout 76 are afraid of some time because of the multiplayer nature of the game just like fans are afraid of Bethesda making it a multiplayer experience which might lead to a disaster.

We want to be careful with our fans and other people who ask, ‘Is this what Fallout is for ever now?. It’s clearly not. It’s definitely its own thing,” he stressed. “We had the idea, and for a while now we’ve been thinking we should try it … we are sometimes afraid of doing it, as much as our fans are afraid of us doing it. But we’ve got to try new things.

Not only that, Bethesda has also confirmed mod support for Fallout 76. However, Fallout 76 is a multiplayer experience which raises the question as to how Bethesda will balance the experience while mods are in the play?

While Bethesda hasn’t exactly touched on the subject of how they will keep the experience balanced but expect the mods to be cosmetic only with strict moderation.

Also, bringing mod support isn’t a priority for the developers as the devs will be supporting the game with free and paid DLC.

Mod support will be a part of Fallout 76, but not at launch. It’s an area the studio is committed to working out, though it plans on supporting the game with free and paid DLC in the meantime.

What do you think of the multiplayer nature of Fallout 76? Do you think Bethesda will be able to do justice to the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: The Guardian