Anthem Will Not Feature Dialogue Wheel But There Will Be Some Choices

Anthem is one of the most anticipated sci-fi games in the works at BioWare and is set to release in February next year. BioWare is going in a new direction and Mark Darrah has confirmed that the game will not include dialogue wheel options which you have seen in previous Mass Effect games.

Mark Darrah of BioWare is active on Twitter answering various questions of the people who are waiting to get their hands on the game. He was recently asked whether the core components of BioWare games will be present in Anthem such as romance or dialogue wheel options, to which he replied by saying no because they are focusing on different character interaction options and there will be no dialogue wheel but you will have some dialogue options.

So you won’t get to choose from various options as seen in the previous games instead the choices will be much simpler this time and you won’t have to repeat them in a way.

Other than that, Time of the day affects enemies in the game. The time will impact enemy behavior and types so when it’s a night you can expect to see some enemies get more wild and bloodthirsty at night. You will also find some creatures only at night and some at daylight, their behavior will change according to the time as well.

Anthem’s environment will affect Javelin Suits in the game depending on if it’s hot, cold, wet or dry but will also give you tactical advantages at times.

You can also take your Javelin underwater but you will drown if you stay inside for long. There are different classes to choose from when you will start the game and you’ll start off as Ranger and other characters will be unlocked along the way.

Anthem is scheduled to release on February 22, 2019, for Xbox One, PC, and PS4.