Anthem Javelin Personalization, Friendly Fire, Battle Royale And More

Anthem officials are trying their best to answer as many questions that people have about the game as possible and here we have some more information regarding Anthem Javelin personalization and friendly fire. Executive Producer Mark Darrah and Game Director Jonathan Warner talked about the game and according to them, Anthem will not have friendly fire.

This is clever thinking as my squad would just end up shooting themselves over and over just for laughs. Other than that it has been mentioned that while the pilots will be customizable, the focus will be on Javelin personalization and the armors have been given a while color wheel in order to customize. We have already seen some skins for the Javelins to we have some idea to what degree these suits of armor will be customizable.

Furthermore, we know that the game will not feature a dialogue wheel but there will be some kind of choices that you will be able to make. Bioware games are known for romance options but it is unfortunate that Anthem will have none of that. Every other game now has a battle royale mode and if you were wondering whether or not Anthem will get the same treatment then the simple answer is not. There will not be a battle royale mode for the game.

In other news regarding the game, we know that the game will support 4K resolution and we also know that the E3 demo was running at 4K 60 FPS but a pair of GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards in SLI were needed in order to power the experience. That is a lot of horsepower for a video game. Then again, Bioware still has time to optimize the game so you can expect better performance on PC when the game comes out.

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