Ubisoft Handing out Instant Bans To Rainbow Six Siege players For Using Racial Slurs

Rainbow Six Siege had a rough launch, however, Ubisoft turned things around with its uninterrupted support for the game with new content and meaningful gameplay changes. Devs have always been conscious about in-game profanity and Ubiosft is now handing out instant bans to players using slurs.

Players have reported that over the weekend they were banned because they used racial slurs using in-game chat.

One Rainbow Six Siege player took it to Twitter to discuss the ban and revealed that he typed the word “nibba” using in-game chat and was banned.

However, the ban is apparently temporary and a short one as players have reported that the ban was lifted 30 minutes after it was issued. Ubiosft might be giving players warning to not use racial slurs in Rainbow Six Siege.

Game’s code of conduct dictates that racial slurs aren’t allowed to be used in the game. The first ban on the use of racial slurs in Rainbow Six Siege lasts for 30 mins while the second time the ban will last for 2 hours.

Typing a racial slur third time could result in a permanent ban from the developers after a thorough examination of the player account.

Speaking of the game, Battle Royale mode has been very successful among the gaming community with the launch of PUBG and Fortnite as more and more Battle Royale games are popping up and even games like Black Ops4 and Battlefield V will feature Battle Royale.

However, Ubiosft is not too keen about the Battle Royale craze in the gaming community and a report has suggested that Rainbow Six Siege will not be getting A battle royale mode.

The report suggests that the reason why the game won’t feature battle royale mode is that the devs would have to remove a number of game modes in the game to make room for the battle royale mode.

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Source: PCGamer