Star Ocean: Anamnesis Beginners Guide – Party Composition, Characters, How To Earn Gems, Multiplayer Tips

Now that the popular JRPG sci-fi series finally makes its way to mobile devices, people have a chance to try out a unique experience. However, of course, being an RPG and Japanese, there is tonnes of complex features and mechanics involved and it will not just be a walk in the park. Our Star Ocean: Anamnesis Beginners Guide is meant to hold your hand through the early parts of the game until you find footing and can really enjoy the whole adventure.

Star Ocean: Anamnesis Beginners Guide

The first thing that you will have to go through in the game is the tutorial. It is quite helpful as it lets you in on one of the most important mechanic of the game, Cancel Bonus.

This comes in handy in combat scenarios because each time you use another skill when you have not finished performing one skill, the animation of the previous skill will cancel into that of the next skill you use.

This gives you a combo option to deal massive damage where numbers go up by 150%, 250%, and 300%.

You can end fights even quicker by speeding up your attacks via the use of Assault Charges. However, this comes at a price, as while you are in the midst of using the particular skill, you are prone to a critical strike.

It is not always about offense in combat, somethings you have to slow things down too. Avoiding or reducing the potential of hits taken is carried out by either evading or by absorbing an attack. While the dodge movement will completely help you avoid the attack, blocking will cause you to incur some of the damage.

However, that is not to say sometimes blocking is a better option because of the range an enemy’s attack will cover.

The game allows you to get a five-star weapon once you launch the game by going to the Shop and redeeming the ‘Launch Coin Exchange’ in Item Exchange. You can use this single token to get 5-star weapons for each character.

Since there a lot of weapons in the game, you will definitely come across some that will not be of much use to you. Instead of going for the greed and directly selling them, you can opt for transmutation of a weapon. What this means is that you sacrifice five useless weapons of the same rank/rarity to transform a maybe-useful weapon to a definitely useful weapon by increasing its rarity.

Characters and Party

Which character you choose to be as you begin the game should be the one you decide to stick to in the end. Since there is no option in game to switch to a different character in the midst of the campaign, you should avoid all the hassle and continue with your desired character. However, if you do not like your character one bit then there is a manual way.

Either clear the cache and reinstall the game that will mean you start over again. On the other hand, if you have a rooted phone, you will simply have to delete the file Aska.xml in shared_prefs folder. This will allow you to choose a new character without having to install the game again.

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Regarding party members, you definitely need two support units in your team. These include a defender like Victor and a healer. It is important to have a balanced team with the right offense and defense options. You can also have a guest member or a lone character that will be a real player to help you out in troubles like in Dark Souls. You can change these loaned characters for your friends in the Character Menu.

Getting and Spending Gems

After unlocking the Maze of Tribulations, this will be your main source of support medals, weapon tokens and gems. These are daily challenges on which you can have no more than 3 attempts. Clear out these difficult dungeons to get the rewards mentioned above.

You can also go for something lighter and easier in the form of Starter Missions and Event Missions. These will also net you a decent amount of gems and even some character tokens. Moreover, logging in daily and completing achievements are also good ways of earning gems.

Save your gems for when you are actually facing difficulties when you battle enemies. This way you will only enhance weapons when you really need it. Avoid exchanging weapons; maybe sell the 1 or 2 star ones. You can also spend these gems on Ace Tickets in the shop that allows you to summon 5-star characters to aid you.

Friends and Multiplayer

Friends can be invited into the game via the Connections Menu that pops up upon tapping the Bridge icon. Here use your mate’s ID to search for him or just go for the Facebook username. Then simply tap ‘Follow’ to have him or her added to your friends list in the game.

The multiplayer section of the game is unlocked only after you have completed Mission 1-23, ‘Man-Eating Cave Survey’ in which you’ve got to defeat the boss on the first planet. Now after downloading the additional content for accessing multiplayer, you can either host your own local lobby or join a session of random strangers playing.

For the former, invite friends as mentioned above and ask them to ‘Join Forces’ and then consequently ‘Join Lobby’. You can also make the lobby public if you want a combination of friends and strangers in your party. Otherwise, you can just choose the Auto Match option to roll in in any online session.

This is all we have in our Star Ocean: Anamnesis Beginners Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!