Nathan Fillion Teases Uncharted Again, a Game or Movie?

There is no question about the love the fans have for the Uncharted franchise and when they hear anything about it they really go haywire over the various possibilities. Similar seems to be happening at this very moment, there is a lot of commotion in the air regarding Uncharted.

The recent Uncharted Teases from Nathan Fillion seem to be the apparent reason for all this clatter by the fans.

Fillion first posted an image of the Rapper Drake on his official Instagram account along with a caption that read, “Sic Parvis Magna” meaning ” Greatness from Small Beginnings” with a date “7/16/18”.

This caused confusion and speculations about an Uncharted project in the works. We don’t know if it is a game or a film but Fillion is teasing it again with another Instagram post. His latest post features maps, , harts and a magnifying glass, which also had the same date as the original post so most of the fans instantly drew a connection between the two posts.

Now one thing is pretty obvious, as soon as Fillion posted these teases it instantly hinted his involvement with the Uncharted franchise. Now that his connection has been established, fans have been speculating whether these teases are referring to the Uncharted movie or a video game?

Having said that, we can surely see that these teases apparently are not directly about Nathan Drake or Uncharted, however, they are a snug fit, that is for sure.

Now with the Uncharted Movie in the works, it seems to point fingers towards the film but then again since the role of Nathen Drake reportedly been bagged by Tom Holland, is Fillion the villain?

In case this is a game, it is possible that Naughty Dog is rebooting the franchise. Drake’s story is over and we hoped for the series to continue with Sam Drake or Nathan’s daughter. The creators may have designed a new character around Fillion for the lead role in an Uncharted movie.

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