A Dangerous New Enemy In Gears 5 Has Been Revealed, Meet The Warden

Among so many things that were amazing at the E3 2018 was Gears 5, unofficially known as Gears Of War 5. As soon as the fans saw the game trailer, there was a wave of excitement that seems to still flow among the fans of the game. Following that there have been a few new details reveals as well but nothing of sort which would seem to shake the audience. However, now something of that sort has and it is a new Enemy In Gears 5, you can refer to him as the Warden.

Not sure when will be the Gears 5 rolling out but it sure seems like, The Coalition is working hard on the game and while they work hard to make it better, they have teased out this new foe, Warden. Who for you is a dangerous new enemy, whose wrath is boundless and it won’t be easy to fight him.

This new Enemy In Gears 5 that the player will be going up against can be quite devastating if you find yourself near it. So make sure that if you are near it, you are mentally and physically ready for the devastation.

The news was officially announced at the Gears 5 official Twitter account, where the developers revealed the Warden. In the post, the developers asked the players to retain caution from this one, as this is a heavily armored Warden who wields two extremely deadly crystalized axes that can really strike a heavy blow.

Be that as it may, there are a few things we know about this Warden. Warden is a type of a character that has been built for close-range combats, so you might want to change your tactics and weapons as well, in order to take this one down. It would be better if you maintained distance and used firepower at its weak points in order to take it down. Also, keep in mind that moving more quickly against him will serve as an advantage.

With all that said, one of the biggest things that pretty much came as a shocker is the name Gears 5 was referred to at the E3 2018 event. Where everyone was expecting a name like Gears Of War 5, the devs called it Gears 5. Recently the Studio Head Rod Fergusson shed light on why they decided to do so, gave pretty interesting of a reason, as well.

Having said, no specific release date for Gears 5 has been set but it is definitely expected to roll out, sometime in 2019 for Xbox One and Windows PC.