Antoine Griezmann’s Fortnite “L” Dance Celebration at the World Cup Final Was in Bad Taste

Griezmann did the “L Dance” from Fortnite at final of FIFA World Cup and that is not a sight you get to see every day. The French number 7 took it upon himself to make Croatian fans feel a bit hurtful than they already were from being one goal down.

The “L Dance” or the more accurate term would be “Loser Dance” is a celebration from the popular battle royale videogame, Fortnite. This celebration is mostly done to tease your opponent by dancing in a bizarre manner and forming an “L” with your hand on your forehead and jumping around. The “L” basically stands for loser and is meant to mock the opponent.

This moment came in the match when France took lead against Croatia for the second time in the game through a penalty scored by Griezmann. Although the Fortnite celebration came in as a surprise we’ve got to give it to Griezmann for pulling it off the bizarre dance rather accurately.

However, this wasn’t his first attempt at this celebration, he did it in the knockout match against Argentina as well as we can say he has had some practice.

Griezmann has been quite the entertainer for the past few years be it scoring goals, assisting goals or even celebrating goals.

Not a while back he did the “Hotline Bling” celebration which was a reference to the song of the famed rapper Drake. This celebration got so popular back then that it was included in FIFA 17 video game.

Meanwhile, the “Take the L” Fortnite celebration also got recognized worldwide so much that the latest NFL title is going to feature it. Maybe we’ll be seeing the Fornite celebration also being included in FIFA’s latest installment as well after its popularity from the World Cup final.