Unlicensed Super Mario Odyssey Mods Make The Game A Madhouse Of Fun

Being one of the Nintendo Switch’s biggest sellers, Super Mario Odyssey is no stranger to hacking. However, recently it’s been getting hacked to make the game even more fun by various hackers. These Super Mario Odyssey mods, while not official, certainly make the game a great deal more fun for people.

These mods have added in new levels, new cosmetics, and new features to the game that weren’t in it when Nintendo originally released it. These include things like overflowing the game’s coin counter, unlocking every available costume for Mario (including a few costumes that haven’t been released yet), and even making minor alterations to existing cosmetic assets.

This includes things like changing power moons to power stars, giving Mario a Sonic the Hedgehog outfit, or even, for meme potential, replacing the in-game music with Luis Fonsi’s Despacito. And that’s not even getting into the various ways that these Super Mario Odyssey mods end up changing the gameplay as well. Mods exist that can make you run at super-speed, moon jump to great heights, let Mario breathe indefinitely underwater, or even play as Bowser.

There are even some Super Mario Odyssey mods that build entirely new levels, using a basic level editor that allows you to move and duplicate various objects in the level. This has given way to a number of custom levels that put even the game’s hardest challenges to shame, such as TheSunCat’s custom level “Kaizo Darker Side”.

While of course none of this is official, the fact that there are so many Super Mario Odyssey mods already is a good sign that the game will have a lot of staying power beyond the possibility of more DLC and collecting every single moon.

You can look at the video near the top of this article to see some of these mods for yourself.