The Banner Saga 3 is Packed With Content, Devs Pulled “An Impossible Amount of Work”: Studio Founder

The Banner Saga 3 developers have worked their hearts out and added as much content and narrative possible. According to Stoic Founder Alex Thomas, the entire team has done “an impossible amount of work” on The Banner Saga 3.

When asked about graphics, narrative, and the level of detail they are aiming for within the scenery, Thomas stated the amount of content doubled from The Banner Saga to The Banner Saga 2, and now same has happened with The Banner Saga 3. Content doubled from The Banner Saga 2.

We recently compiled all our cutscenes and videos when looking to make our launch trailer and noticed that the amount of content we’ve produced has doubled between the first and second saga, and doubled again for the third. There’s a lot of investment we put into creating unique art for the major events in the final game, and there’s a lot of major events.

Where before we’d have to be satisfied with just describing something in text, for Saga 3 we had the luxury of more budgeting for additional art and more in-house artists working on content. In particular, the amount of detail crammed into the environments in the darkness sometimes just feels like an impossible amount of work.

The Banner Saga 3 is releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on July 24. The game has also been confirmed for Nintendo Switch but we have even more good news. The first two games are coming to the Switch as well. The Banner Saga 3 launch trailer is coming out soon so keep an eye on the official YouTube channel.

For more on the game, stay tuned.