Octopath Traveler Beginners Guide – Enemies, Bosses, Recommended Characters, Learning Skills, Party Members, Danger Zones

In this Octopath Traveler Beginners Guide, we will guide you on different mechanics of Octopath Traveler and try to cover as many things as possible so that you can begin your travel in the best way possible. You will be traveling in Octopath Traveler on a dangerous path filled with dangers and big monsters and our Octopath Traveler Beginners Guide will cover everything so that even if you are a new player to the game, you can start the game without any problems.

Octopath Traveler Beginners Guide

Our Octopath Traveler Beginners Guide details everything that you need to know about playing Octopath Traveler if you are a new comer to JRPGs and do not understand the basic turn-based combat system.

We will be telling you about picking starting characters, characters to choose, and characters to ignore for your first playthrough. We have also detailed how to manage your party members, the new skill system of the game, and how to learn new skills for your characters. Apart from this, we have also shared some general tips and tricks that will help you in different scenarios on your journey.

Picking a Starting Character

Octopath Traveler gives you a wide variety of characters to choose from when you are starting your game. There are eight different characters, each with their own unique backstories and game quests. Each character has their own purpose for traveling the world as well. Although you can recruit different characters later in the game, it is worth noting that you cannot change your starting character.

All other characters can be changed in your party except the character that you picked while starting the story because that character is tied to the story. When you are starting the game for the first time, there is no hard rule for choosing a character. Each character is unique, they have their own stories, and we recommend that you play with all characters to really experience the game.

Normally, we would pick certain characters out of the bunch and then tell you to start playing with them; however, with Octopath Traveler that is not the case. This time around, we have picked two characters, mentioned them below, and explained why you should not start playing with them the first time.

The first such character is Alfyn. He belongs to the Apothecary class so his starting ability is Concoct which allows him to mix different ingredients to help party members or damage the enemies. He can also heal one party member at a time if he is played as a healer.

If you plan to use Concoct primarily, then heed this that it will take you a lot of time to get used to it. This ability is also not always needed during combat which makes it useless most of the times hence we do not recommend that you start with Alfyn right away until you have unlocked some more classes for him.

The second character that you should avoid getting on your first game is Cyrus who belongs to the Scholar class. The main reason we do not want you to start with him even though he is a very good damage dealer is that most of the enemies in the game are resistant to the magic that makes his attacks useless.

He also uses great amounts of MP so if you unable to switch him out of your party, it means that he will drain your MP very quickly during battles so it makes remaining party members less efficient as well during certain situations.

We are not saying that both of the characters are the worst in the game and you should never pick them, we are just stating that it is very hard to start your first playthrough with these characters, as they require advanced gameplay strategies to fully use them. Pick them later when you have more classes unlocked for both of them.

Learn New Skills

As you complete battles and engage in more fights, complete quests, etc., your character will earn Job Points or JP which are essential for learning new skills. Octopath Traveler differs from other JRPGs in the sense that while other games such as Bravely Default, you earn skills by gaining more JP which increase your job level.

This is not the case in Octopath Traveler. Here, JP works as an in-game currency with which you can purchase new skills for your character. When you pause the game, the Skills menu here shows the skills that you currently have or new ones that you can purchase.

In this menu, you can manage your skills, see which new skills are available to purchase and how much each skill costs. Choose the skill that you want to buy and select it. Purchasing skills is really simple. Now that you have purchased the desired skill, you can go to a battle to try it out.

As you learn more skills, the price of remaining skills continues to increase so make sure that you think about the future when you might require another skill than the one you are currently purchasing. Follow a strategy to buy skills and never buy them just for the sake of buying skills.

Temporary Party Members

In Octopath Traveler, certain characters such as Primrose and Ophilia can allure or guide different NPCs to temporarily join them during quests. Each NPC comes with their own unique abilities and are great help during the battle. These party members will join you in a battle for a certain number of times before they leave your party.

You can also dismiss these temporary party members yourself by pressing the ‘Y’ button to make the dismiss prompt appear. If you hire another party member while already having another recruit in your party, the person recruited before will leave your party automatically and the new party member will join your party automatically.

However, you can recruit a dismissed party member again by going to the location where you found them earlier, so if you dismiss a person by mistake, you can always go back and recruit them again. Fast travel helps here.

General Tips and Tricks

In this section of the guide, we have detailed some random tips and tricks that will surely help you play the game much better and tell you about certain mechanics that you might not know about the game.

The game world is littered with chests. Every zone will have chests in it so you must always look around to find and open as many chests as possible. These items will help you in combat. These are very well hidden so you will have to look very carefully to find them. Use these consumable items as often as possible as you can easily find more of them or even buy them.

Once you are done with your character’s introduction, you can head to the inner ring of the map to meet the other characters of the game. You can unlock them there as well. As you keep adding more characters to your party, the game will start to become difficult. Different bosses in the game get increased health and shields for each member added to your party.

Try to complete danger zones. Some will be very hard to tackle but some can be cleared easily if you have a full party. Completing them will give you huge experience boosts which are good for leveling up quickly in the game. You can buy better weapons, armor, and trinkets using gold to make them easier.

During battles, when a turn is starting, your characters receive a bonus boost point or BP which is used to power up attacks. Use this BPs carefully and boost up your most prominent attacks to make the most of them. Always exploit your enemy’s weakness to deal maximum damage to them quickly. Enemies ranging from normal to bosses, all have certain weaknesses so always exploit them.

Stunning enemies is a great way to deal some extra damage without any fear of a counter attack. Always aim to stun or break the enemies by reducing their shields to zero. We recommend that you try to break the bosses while they are powering up their special attacks because these special attacks deal a great deal of damage if unleashed. Always rotate your party members to include the ones that are most effective against certain bosses and enemies.

This concludes our Octopath Traveler Beginners Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!