Fortnite On Nintendo Switch Now Supports Gyro Controls, Not So Hard To Use

Fortnite season 5 has officially started and if you have a Nintendo Switch then with the latest update you are also getting a support for Gyro controls on your Switch. This option allows you to use motion controls for Switch while playing Fortnite.

Gyro controls have been part of few games before and they did turn out very easy and fun to use like in the Breath of the Wild. If you go into the controller section of the game in settings, you’ll see three new options available for you to make changes to it.

It’ll take you some time to find the suitable settings so take your time and it doesn’t feel so terrible after all to take advantage of motion controls while playing Fortnite on Switch.

Other than that, Epic Games is earning loads of money because of which it has decided to take smaller cuts from the unreal creators. Epic is going to break the tradition of the digital marketplace by taking less than 30% revenue from its creators.

Creators of the store will now receive 88% of their sales which is a big increase from the common  70% / 30% split in other marketplaces.

This is all due to the success of Fortnite which managed to draw $318 Million revenue alone in the month of May. 

Season 5 in Fortnite brings loads of new content for the players to try out in the game including new locations, new emotes, new characters and more. There’s also a new vehicle added so don’t forget to update your game and see the huge differences.

Before the start of season 5, we saw Llamas in various locations of Europe and a desert location is finally available for the first time in Fortnite which was already predicted due to the appearance of the Durrr burger in a real-life California desert.