Despite Being Impressed, Konami Cancels this Fan Made P.T Remake

It’s been a major letdown seeing Silent Hills being canceled and o.t being taken down from the PlayStation Store. Since then many developers have tried to create a P.T Remake for PC and surprisingly, one talented young fellow got as far as to surprise Konami with his work. However, due to legal issues, his work must be removed, giving him a pretty good deal in return.

Qimsar, the developer of the aforementioned P.T Remake, was at the last stages of his work (version 0.9.2) and was excited that it looked so close to the original game. As with every successful fanmade project though, its publisher got word of it and reached out to him about it.

After a phone talk with a Konami employee, Qimsar has taken to Gamejolt to talk about the end of his project and what was discussed during that phone call. According to him, Konami was really impressed with his P.T Remake but unfortunately, he had to remove it and cancel it.  He stated:

 “I got a phone call that I was expecting at about 5:00 A.M. from someone who worked at Konami. He essentially told me that he was very sorry for being the bearer of bad news, but I would have to take down my remake. I was told that he and many other people at Konami saw and really liked my remake, but legit due to legal issues that were out of his or anybody else’s control really, he had to ask me to take down my remake project.”

In return for his hard work, Konami will give Qimsar the opportunity to work as an intern for the company. For a guy of his age, working for a company that big is a huge deal, even if Konami hasn’t been active with new big titles for a long time now.

Interestingly, the talented developer revealed that his P.T Remake gave “Konami a strong resurgence of a desire to make legitimate games again”, as he revealsThis is one small step in the right direction for the company, however, the road to redemption is still long.

It’s always nice to see talented people being rewarded for their efforts in such a way. Even though P.T is a project we’ll never see completed and we are still holding a grudge to Konami for it, we might still have the chance to see the company clearing their name with a brand new horror game.