Bethesda Seems Confused About Fallout 76, What’s Going On?

While there has been a lot of excitement among fans for the upcoming Fallout 76, there have also been a few fans who seem to be a bit skeptical about this upcoming title and they just might be right. Such fans won’t have their minds at ease as Bethesda too seems a little confused when it comes to Fallout 76.

According to Todd Howard, Fallout 76 is certainly not the future of gaming.

This is coming from the guy who, recently has been endorsing this game for its longevity, with a plethora of post content promised. In an interview, the producer and creative director of Fallout 76, Todd Howard said that, for those who have been calling this game, as a form of representation, when it comes to the future of gaming, let it be known that this game is certainly not it.

The reason he said was the fact that Bethesda already has given a mixture of solo and multiplayer games, like The Elder Scrolls Online or The Elder Scrolls Legends, Skyrim, Fallout and more. Now Howard said he wanted to give this different format a try and that is just about it, it “does not represent the future”.

Anyone who has ever said ‘this is the future and this part of gaming is dead’ has been proven wrong every single time. We like to try it all. For a long time we wanted to try a multiplayer game and we had this idea. We shouldn’t be afraid. We should try it.

Now why we say that Bethesda is confused? The devs have been endorsing this game like no other. Very recently, talking in another interview about Fallout 76 Todd said.

If everything works out perfectly with launch, which won’t be the case, we’ll be able to make a lot of content, but we know our priorities. It’s a big new thing for us

The statement implies they have long-term plans for Fallout 76 and if this works out we may see more of multiplayer-focused Fallout games.

From what we have seen and know so far, the anticipation of this game is through the roofs. You can estimate the level of excitement from the fact that Country Roads cover song recently topped the US iTunes chart for a little while.

However, it seems like Bethesda is retaining caution with this title, they want the fans to be excited but at the same moment, they do not want to disappoint them.

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Source: gamesindustry