Could A New Uncharted Game Be Coming? Nathan Fillion Teases News For Monday

Nathan Fillion, known for playing Mal on Firefly, Castle on the hit crime drama, Buck in the Halo games, and Cayde 6 in the Destiny games, has teased that a new Uncharted game, or something related to it, might be getting some news this Monday on July 16, though details are scarce.

The teasing came from his Instagram page, where he posted a picture of the rap artist Drake alongside an odd caption: Sic Parvis Magna, followed by Monday’s date. Sic Parvis Magna is the inscription on the ring that Drake wears in the games, and it translates to “Greatness from Small Beginnings”.

Uncharted recently ended the story of Nathan Drake with the fourth and final Uncharted game, A Thief’s End, however the story continued with Chloe and Nadine in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. While we don’t know what Nathan Fillion might be announcing, there’s any number of things it could be, ranging from another side-game like The Lost Legacy to a movie announcement.

Nathan Fillion is one of the main male actors that gamers have said they would like to fill the role of Nathan Drake in an Uncharted movie, as he’s very experienced playing lucky scoundrels who undertake less-than-legal enterprises and end up getting caught up in way more trouble than they bargained for. However, he hasn’t voiced anyone in an Uncharted game, so it’s possible that it’s not related to an Uncharted game.

If it does turn out to be an Uncharted movie being made, and not a new Uncharted game, hopefully Nathan Fillion’s acting chops will be able to break the stigma of bad video game movies, which have become par for the course over the past few years. But we’ll have to wait for Monday to see what comes of the teasing, and whether it turns out to be a new game starring Fillion himself, or an actual Uncharted film.