Kalypso Acquires Pyro Studios Franchises, Commandos Is Making A Comeback

It’s been more than 12 years since we last saw an entry to the Commandos series, published by Pyro Studios. Worry not though, since the franchise is coming back thanks to Kalypso Media, who has just acquired the rights to the Commandos, Praetorians, and Imperial Glory Brands.

As proud current owners of the successful series, Kalypso Media has released a post on their website, spilling the beans to fans and letting us know that Commandos is making its comeback. The publisher has already plans for all franchises, however, developer teams for future titles for all three franchises must be found before Kalypso can start talking about specifics.

Simon Hellwig, founder and Global Managing Director of the Kalypso Media Group has stated in their announcement post:

“We are very proud and extremely honored to be able to add such large and successful brands as Commandos, Praetorians, and Imperial Glory to the Kalypso Media portfolio. The opportunities that arise from this acquisition will help create the best possible conditions for the further growth of the Kalypso Media Group.”

 “We have great respect for what the Pyro Studios team have accomplished and created throughout the history of the studio. Therefore, we see it as our responsibility to want to revive and further develop these beloved games for the fans around the world. Of course, this will include the development of completely new games for all platforms, but also an extensive adaptation of the existing titles for contemporary technologies and platforms. We’re incredibly excited about the opportunities, and will begin speaking to potential development studios in the near future.”

The feelings are mutual for Pyro too as Ignacio Pérez, founder of the Spanish studio reveals:

“We have been looking for a suitable partner for the continuation of our products and brands for a long time. Kalypso has great expertise and experience with rebooting well-known titles, and we are delighted to have our IP in such good hands.”

For those unfamiliar with the Commandos franchise, it is a series of tactical strategy titles born in 1998 with Commandos: Behind the enemy line, which allowed players to take control of a group of title soldiers operating at the rear of the enemy. Each of the heroes had unique abilities that needed to be skillfully juggled to accomplish the goals of more than twenty missions with an extremely high level of difficulty.

There’s no confirmed or rumored plans for all three franchises, for now, however, the post reveals that Commandos return, giving us a hint about what of those series they’re going to work on first. We shall know more when a suitable developer team for their future projects is found. If you want to see more games published by Kalypso, you should check out Vikings: Wolves of Midgar.