Fortnite Summer Skirmish Tournament Has An $8,000,000 Prize Pool

Epic Games has announced their next big tournament, the Fortnite Summer Skirmish series, which will have a combined prize pool of $8 million. The tournament will be taking place during 8 weeks, with players already invited to take part in the first week’s matches.

The Fortnite Summer Skirmish Tournament isn’t a classic tournament like the ones we’ve seen with other competitive titles. The duo teams taking place in the series will be respected members of the community, content creators and Fortnite players who have demonstrated their competitive prowess, as Epic Games details in a recent news post.

Each week will have a different format and prize pool. Players will be invited or notified on how to participate in the event, which lets us know that not only highly rated players and content creators will be taking part.

$8.000.000 isn’t a small amount for a game that is still “young” in the esports scene. This isn’t the first time, though, that Epic Games provides such a big prize pool for a Fortnite tournament. A couple of months ago, the company revealed a series of tournaments for 2018 with a total of $100 million prize pool. Fortnite has managed to top $318M in May, with that number possibly being raised even more this month with the release of a new battle pass for Season 5.

The first Fortnite Summer Skirmish competition will begin this Saturday, July 14 and its format will be standard duo matches in the new map, introduced with Season 5 today.

Speaking of Season 5, it officially started today, terraforming the old map. A new desert area is now present along with many other new areas for you to explore. Whether you managed to complete your old Battle Pass or not, a new one is now available for purchase. It provides you with extra XP, new challenges, an epic Huntress and a legendary Drift skin. Remember that if you manage to complete your Battle Pass all the way up to tier 58, you’ll be able to grab the Season 6 one for free (if nothing changes on the current format that is).