What Dragon Age 4 Needs To Do To Be Successful?

BioWare is in a tough position currently because of keeping the failure of Mass Effect; Andromeda in their heads while also making sure their next game, Anthem needs to be a success. With all this on their plate, they also have the Dragon Age 4 in development for current-gen consoles. We look at some of the things Dragon Age 4 can do to be a smash hit.

How to Make Dragon Age 4 a Success

Characters were a big part of the previous game. Each of them had a unique story to tell and each resonated with us. Now we got closure to many of our favorites in the game, but there was still a rather big cliffhanger right at the end of the Trespasser DLC. Since it involves Solas so prominently, our first bet would be that he makes a return in the game.

Not only will fans have something to relive the same memorable character, they will get to know about his fate. The inclusion of this character will surely be a success. In addition to the characters, the world of Dragon Age: Inquisition was interesting of traverse too.

The environments were always beaming with life with distinct geography and varied inhabitants and races. The open-world formula really made the quest system, be it the main ones or side-missions, a joy to go through. This worked rather better than the mostly linear progression system of the previous dragon age games.

Since open-world, games can encourage exploration, provide freedom and many opportunities and tell deeper stores, we are certainly hoping for the return of this sandbox system in the Dragon Age 4. In addition to keeping that open world, they also need to bring a little more variety and dynamism to their optional side quests. We need fewer fetch quests and more of what The Witcher 3 did with the optional quests.

A nice setting to suit the open world would be the unexplored region of Tevinter Imperium.

Taking Inspirations

All the Mass Effect games are praised for strong characterizations (except Andromeda) and how each had a deep backstory. Moreover, the loyalty missions to improve the bonds played into the dialogue options you could open up and eventually the fate of that character. It was a nice way to make you really feel and care for each character.

A feature like that should be making its way to the next Dragon Age, as the series is no stranger to memorable characters. We should be having something similar in the vein of loyalty missions of Mass Effect.

Moreover, it should definitely include some nostalgia in terms of returning characters that we all want to see. This is not really a necessity but an ode to the legendary characters does feel like you are at home. Returning characters are quite a success because of various factors like for tying loose ends, developing the newer characters and for the intrigue of the plot itself.

Have Sufficient Plans for the Future

When the main story is finished, fans will need something to come back to. The last one did not suffer from such a problem because of the DLC and multiplayer. Though the former worked really well to give fans something fresh, the latter was buggy and not the most phenomenal of online experiences.

With BioWare releasing Anthem, they could very well exclude the multiplayer mode out of Dragon Age because that will be for the better. Dragon Age has always been a story-focused RPG game like Witcher and let it remain that with full dedication and hard work to make its campaign captivating. I would still like to see DLC episodes for the next Dragon Age long after it would be released.

That is it! You can also check out our everything we know about Dragon Age 4 for more on the game. These were just our hopes and expectations for the next game that we are eager to hear more about.