This is What FIFA 19 Referee Mode Could Look Like If It Existed

FIFA 19 is releasing this September, and the hype about what it might include has already begun. Although Electronic Arts hasn’t revealed anything on that note, concept art for a potential FIFA 19 Referee Mode has popped up on Youtube, and it’s a mode that we’d love to say “Yes please” to.

Recently, YouTuber FNG has revealed concept art for the FIFA 19 Referee Mode which. even though is not even hinted or rumored to be coming to the upcoming football title, it is relatively easy to create out of already existing assets. The images look extremely believable, and if you took a moment to just look at them without the context behind them, you might really think that they’re official pictures of a future FIFA 19 Referee Mode. We sure could add this to the list of things we’d want to see added to the game.

As you can see from the image below, a possible menu for the FIFA 19 Referee Mode could include a preset match pattern, a simulation of your next match, the calendar of your future games and a customization tab for you to create your character. In the right bottom corner, we can see a reputation tab, tracking your fame level as you progress through several matches.  news panel is also visible, possibly letting you know what impact your decisions in the previous matches had.

Next up we have a statistics page, where you can basically see how well you’re doing in a certain league. As expected, you can see your overall statistics and specialty, just like any other player in FIFA 19 and at the right side of the screen you can have a detailed list with statistics from all your previous matches such as appearances, correct decisions and XP gained for both referee and linesman positions. Given the fact that FIFA 19 now has a partnership with Champions and Europa leagues, a referee mode could tie all the football world together.

What do you think about this FIFA 19 Referee Mode prototype? Would you want Electronic Arts to consider adding such a mode to their upcoming game?