Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Amiibo For Ridley, Inkling, And Wolf Are Coming Your Way

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is on its way and Nintendo versus has officially revealed a set of new figures which will be joining the rest of Super Smash Bros Amiibo series in December. It was already known that the game will have a series of Amiibo figures and these are the latest addition to the list.

Nintendo of America announced it on Twitter that they are releasing brand new Super Smash Bros Amiibo figures for Ridley, Wolf, and Inkling which will release altogether on December 7 and will have a retail price of $15.99.  As you know, Inkling has already got two different figures, one for Splatoon 2 and other for Splatoon so this new one is the same model as the Splatoon figure but the pose is changed.

Nintendo has also mentioned that they will be re-releasing all of your favorite Smash Bros Amiibo and they will have a less price than that of the new ones, $12.99. Nintendo says that they will be released later this year.

Some characters like the guest character Solid Snake and Pokemon trainer don’t have an Amiibo announced yet but they will be coming soon as Nintendo continues to work on Super Smash Bros Amiibo figures.

Nintendo has also confirmed some Super Smash Bros Amiibo figures which include IceClimbers, Pichu, Young Link, Snake, Pokemon Trainer – Squirtle, Ivysaur, Charizard, and Wolf.

Do check out the gameplay video of Super Smash Bros here if you haven’t already because it features all of the characters that will appear in the game.

The game is not a port, it’s been a confusion for some time but Nintendo has officially confirmed that the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a brand new game and not a port on Switch.

Are you excited for the game? Which one is going to be your favorite Amiibo? Let us know in the comments below.