The Story Of How No Man’s Sky Redeemed Itself – NMS That Should’ve Been At Launch

There is no game that has been hated as much as No Man’s Sky was when it was released. The game was expected to be like no game anyone had ever seen before. In the end, we got a disaster that was broken in the first place and had nothing to offer the players beyond the first couple of hours.

However, the game now has become much better than before. The developers have worked tirelessly to deliver on many of the promises that No Man’s Sky made before it was released. Let us go ahead and see how they did that.

Why No Man’s Sky was Such a Failure

No Man’s Sky failed mainly because the expectation that the game had was much more than anything that the developers could have come up with. That is the fault of the developers as they promised things that were impossible with the time that they had and the budget that they had. The game also performed terribly.

The PS4 version had an enormous amount of bugs that made the game quite unplayable to a certain extent. The PC version had many performance issues as even some of the better PCs of the time could not seem to get decent frame rates in the game.

Mainly, the game had no motive. There was no purpose. We were promised endless lands to explore but what we were not told of was that the creatures there would be completely unrealistic and would have absolutely nothing to differentiate between them. The animals were simply randomized from various different limbs and then put on the planets.

How No Man’s Sky Has Redeemed Itself

Ever since the game has come out, the developers have been tirelessly at work to try to fix the game as much as they can. There have been many different free updates to the game to account for the content that was missing from the game. Because let us face it, the main place where the game fell short was that it had absolutely no content.

There is also a progression system and a lot of different stuff for you to do in the game apart from simply just visiting the planets and getting the materials before going to your ship and then selling the items. So let us go ahead and see what has changed in the period since the game has been out.

Foundation Update

The first update that was revealed for the game was the Foundation Update. The main thing that changed in this update was the fact that now you could take part in 3 different game modes. There was the normal game mode that was what you had played before, the Survival one where you would have limited resources and the Creative one that had limitless resources for you to experiment as much as you wanted.

You could also build devices to mine and save your game along with a quick access menu among much other quality of life improvements. Finally, you could also create a home base by claiming a planet and introduced farming for you to have more resources.

Pathfinder Update

This update did not have many gameplay elements in it. However, it did improve the game massively by improving the graphics and other visual elements of the game by a mile. 4K support was also added in this update. There were also small improvements made such as allowing other people to find your base and a better menu system for the players.

Exocrafts were also added which allowed you to travel to the planets much faster. These vehicles also had inventory space and allowed you to carry as much stuff on you as a planet! Lastly, you could now leave messages for other players as the game went more and more into the multiplayer foray, something that the developers had promised at launch.

Atlas Rises Update

This update actually redeemed No Man’s Sky. It further enhanced the graphics and massively improved the textures of the game. Not only that, it also added a lot more variety in the game including new planets for players to explore. Essentially, the purpose of this update was to make sure that No Man’s Sky actually had to stay power and wasn’t just a money grab as it was accused of being at release.

You would also be able to fight space pirates or negotiate with them along with doing various different missions for NPCs to get resources or credits. There was also a host of new content such as new music, portals, and combat mechanics so that you could actually fight. There was also multiplayer added in this patch as players could now meet up with one another and explore the planets together.


There is a new update for the game in the works. It is called No Man’s Sky Next. This is supposed to be the biggest update that the game has had so far, and the developers have done enough good work with the game to ensure that people should take their word seriously.

The game now has a 70% approval rating on Steam if you look at the reviews from the last month. It has around 30% in the beginning that really shows how far the game has come. There is still a long way to go but let us see what Next is able to do for No Man’s Sky.

When all is said and done, No Man’s Sky is an example of how developers have a duty to the community to adhere to the standards that they had promised and they need to give it their all to do it, as it eventually pays off.

That is all we have on how No Man’s Sky redeemed itself. Let us know your thoughts using the comments section below!