Mike Ybarra Supports Cross Progression Between Consoles Becoming Standard

With the release of Fortnite to the Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4, once again players have made it known that there are a lot of people who want to be able to use cross progression on all of their consoles so that they can play games wherever they want.

Mike Ybarra of Microsoft has been joining the voices, and he’s not the only video game developer that has been talking about it, including people like Todd Howard of Bethesda. Ybarra says that, as someone who plays games on both the PC and Xbox, he wants cross platform play just as much as we do.

Recently, both Microsoft and Nintendo have said that they would support cross platform play, after multiple developers have said over the past few years that they would be willing to implement cross platform play. Online games such as Destiny and The Division have very little to lose when it comes to cross platform play, alongside other multiplayer-focused titles.

Since Sony is the only company who isn’t supporting cross progression between consoles at the moment, they’ve of course been getting a lot of the flak for not agreeing to start implementing cross platform play with Microsoft and Nintendo, with a former executive of theirs even saying that the primary reason the company refuses to try out cross platform play is money.

This, of course, has led to criticism by many, with Todd Howard putting them on full blast when he said that Bethesda would love to try and implement cross platform play in their upcoming online-focused game Fallout 76, but that Sony decided to be completely unhelpful.

While we will hopefully eventually be getting cross progression and cross platform play sometime in the future, who knows how long it will take for every gaming company to swallow their pride?