Karma Hits Unprofessional Journalist Who Leaked Cyberpunk 2077 Audio from E3 2018

At E3 2018, CD Projekt RED shared Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay behind closed doors. Members of the media got to see the game but were asked not to film or take pictures. It is part of the etiquettes we follow whenever a game is shown behind closed doors.

However, one journalist decided to act unprofessionally and audio recorded the entire showing. The “journalist” in question is Shane Saterfield, the man who founded a news outlet called SIFTD. Over at his own YouTube channel, he recently was part of a discussion around the audio he recorded and how posting it online affected his relationship with CD Projekt RED.

The comments he made are surprising, to say the least as he showed no regret but instead whined about not getting credit for the leak.

At the beginning of the discussion, he mentioned that in a previous episode of his “Gameface” series he announced he has the audio recorded on his iPhone. He asked the community “what to do with it?” and of course, since fans wanted to know more about Cyberpunk 2077, they asked Shane to post in online. Before uploading he spent some time improving the audio quality but within 30 minutes CD Projekt RED copy striked his video.

What’s interesting here is that it wasn’t just a copyright claim, CD Projekt RED struck his channel. If you get three of those over a set period of time, your channel is gone for good. These kinds of strikes are a really big deal.

Shane argued how CD Projekt RED had no legal right to take the video down. It was recorded on public property, no NDA was signed, but ultimately it is their copyright and game, Shane said.

He talked about his 15-year long relationship with the PR person handling CD Projekt RED. The same person who gave him access to the private demo, he risked his relationship with the person when he uploaded.

It wasn’t worth it to us to burn those bridges to repost it on our servers. I couldn’t repost it on YouTube because all they are gonna do is zap it again. So we really had no recourse whatsoever.

Things took a turn for the worst for Shane when someone downloaded the audio from his channel before it was taken down. It was reuploaded by someone on a different platform, Vocaroo. DSOgaming posted the audio and never gave any credit to SIFTD. The audio was later picked up by PCgamer and from there, it went viral.

This led to Shane whining about how his website and YouTube channel didn’t get any benefit from this ordeal. No one mentioned the audio originated from his outlet.

Ultimately what ended up happing is someone downloaded the YouTube video, ripped the audio and then posted it on some corny audio website. And than it was pointed to some small website that was then pointed to PCgamer. And it became this thing that we never got credit for and ended up getting no benefit whatsoever. In fact, it ended up all to our deteriment. Because now our relationship with CD Projekt and the PR guy who I respect very much is a little shaky. And we got absolulety nothing out of it.

So if you would have gotten something out of it, you couldn’t care less about your relationship with CD RED and the PR guy?

Instead of seeing how his actions were unprofessional and wrong, he tries to justify and cries about not getting recognition for it, which was his ultimate goal. He saw this as an opportunity to get attention and recognition from the community and other media outlets, however, karma hit him hard.

He used his 15-year long relationship with the PR person to get access to Cyberpunk 2077 behind closed doors showcase. He recorded the audio even though CD Projekt RED courteously asked not to. He came out of the showcase, posted the audio and screwed over his PR friend as well as CD Projekt RED, the developer who is not yet ready to share their game publicly.

Out of all this, the one thing he was looking for, recognition, he didn’t get because someone else (DSOGaming) screwed him over by not citing him as the source.

Karma is a bitch, isn’t it?

Thanks, Yongyea