Watch An Indian “Microsoft Employee” Confirm Half Life 3

Well, we all know what is going on in the United States right now. Indian scammers call innocent, gullible people and scam them out of their money.

The usual ploy is to get remote access to your computer and lock it with a Syskey. Later they would claim it is a virus and they need to fix it.

They try to sell you a security plan, claiming to be from Microsoft. And they go to great lengths to scam people out of their money. They would say anything you want to hear just to make you pay. Due to the sheer number of scams throughout the United States, some people started to fight back and created YouTube channels to troll Indian Scammers by wasting hours of their time, keeping them on a hook.

One such channel is “Kitboga” who often plays a character he created, Grandma Edna, while speaking with these scammers. He recently trolled a fake Indian Microsoft and asked to confirm Half Life 3. Grandma Edna will only buy the lifetime “security package” for $500 if Half Life 3 can be downloaded with it.

After a hilarious conversation, the cringy scammer actually confirmed the game and said it free with her security package. You can check out the full conversation above.

As far as the real Half-Life goes, Valve is no closer to creating the game. The closer we came to it was when Marc Laidlaw shared the game’s synopsis.