Will We Get Fallout 76 Battle Royale? How Will It Work, Our Expectations

Popular trends in recent years have been the usage of terms like selfie, Rick and Morty’s Szechuan Sauce, and when it comes to video games; the Battle Royale genre. It is no surprise that the success of PUBG and Fortnite has many games in that genre springing up almost monthly be it on any platform.

Heavy hitters like Call of Duty and Battlefield are also set to introduce these modes in the latest entries. It has been so prevalent that whenever we think multiplayer, the concept of Battle Royale is not too far away. This is where we worry about a royale mode making its way to Fallout 76. Let us analyze how it will work out!

Fallout 76 Battle Royale

We already have tonnes of details regarding the multiplayer section of the game thanks to the E3 announcements and the post-conference interviews, several of them really. Now, we know that players below Level 5 will not get killed by another player to allow for a more fair battle where each side can equip certain gear and firearms for protection and offense.

We also know that players would be able to fight against other ones or team up to fight against the environment in terms of mutated monsters, etc. Quests will be handed out via robots, terminals, and possibly other players since Todd Howard hinted towards that in an interview when asked about quests acquirable from real players.

Moreover, there is a merchant mechanic where you can craft equipment and hand it over to a robot who will sell it to other players passing by. Therefore, your reward lies with the robot even when you are not physically there to secure the deal. Now things get tricky when it comes to Battle Royale because Bethesda is a little vague on that point.

When Todd Howard was asked if the game would have the popular mode in any shape or form, his response was just:

“We’ll see.”

Of course, this does not rule out the possibility yet and it also means that at least the game will not have the Falllout 76 Battle Royale mode right from the start, at launch. If the company does decide on it, it will be an expansion that is added later on in the cycle of the game.

It’s interesting to note that even before the game was actually announced, Kotaku, who had some sources close to the game, mentioned that the game won’t have a Battle Royale but will be just standard PVP multiplayer.

Bethesda’s Senior Vice President, Pete Hines also said in an interview about how they are not really interested with the concept of Battle Royale. In fact, he points out the uniqueness of the studio in it that Bethesda never chased after trends. He says:

“Just because Battle Royale is popular doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for us or our studios.”

Even then, he did not rule out the possibility of the inclusion of the mode in the game, saying that they will only pursue the idea if it was different and unique from all the other Battle Royale games existing.

As to how it will turn out to be exactly, we have an idea thanks to this fun take:

We could expect the same initial state of a player being dropped from a plane, a flying bus, anything high up in the air. There is a player count at the top right to indicate how many players are left. You have a backpack, you loot stuff from the bloodied corpses, and you make your way until you achieve victory royale.

Additionally, taking advantage of the game’s world and its lore, maybe they can put a spin on the genre by introducing environmental adversaries during the Battle Royale session. I am talking hideous creature s ready to rip you apart. Also, what would be cool is to not shrink the map via the generic storm but have the places being covered in radioactive dust and everyone who stays for too long dies.

The superior combat of the Fallout series going into the Battle Royale mode will definitely make it worthwhile to play even though some fans might not like it. However, if Bethesda can include the mode in all its refreshingly new glory and unique systems; even hardcore fans will have to admire the effort.

We will have to look for this mode in the long run. Until then, check out some other Fallout 76 details on our website.