Best Madden NFL 19 Rookies – Rookies Ratings, Top Rated Rookies At Every Position

In this article, we will be sharing with you the recently announced Madden NFL 19 rookies ratings and detailing the best-rated players for every position. It was long announced that Madden 19 would be announcing the player ratings in July since the game is coming out in August so it made perfect sense to reveal the player ratings.

These players will be used in the game and especially the Madden Ultimate Team where fans of the series will be able to create their ultimate football team with their favorite players. Hence, it was crucial that EA release the player ratings to create even more hype about the upcoming title. Madden 19 is an upcoming football game in the long-running Madden franchise by EA.

Best Madden NFL 19 Rookies

In this best Madden NFL 19 Rookies Guide, we have not only detailed the best rookies overall but also best rookies for specific positions such as QB, RB, and WR. With the help of this guide, you will be able to choose the best rookies for each position when the game finally launches to give you an edge in winning the game.

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Quenton Nelson

Quenton Nelson plays Left Guard of Indianapolis Colts. He is the highest rated rookie and is rated at 83 OVR. Quenton Nelson features some very impressive figures of 97 Strength, Rub Block 85, and Pass Block 82. These are some solid figures and they are the reason that he was the first lineman off the board during the 2018 NFL Draft.

Saquon Barkley

Saquon Barkley plays Running Back for New York Giants. He is rated at 82 OVR and comes just under Quenton. He boasts some impressive stats as well. Saquon has 92 Speed and 93 Acceleration making him the fastest player in the game. He will be very hard to catch once he gets some open space and he has the ball.

Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield plays Quarterback for Cleveland Browns. He is rated at 81 OVR. Baker has a very powerful throw which very few players can match, His throw Power is rated at 95 coupled with an impressive throw on the run rating of 88. This makes him an excellent Quarterback and he will be able to do some powerful throws.

Roquan Smith

Roquan Smith plays Middle Linebacker of Chicago Bears and features an overall rating of 81 OVR. He is a great all-rounder featuring some impressive stats. He has a rating of 89 for Speed, 88 for Tackle, and 87 for Hit Power making him excellent for tacking catching up to other players and tackling them.

Bradley Chubb

Bradley Chubb plays Defensive End for Denver Broncos. He has an overall rating of 80 OVR. Bradley Chubb is an absolute beast and features 91 Strength and 89 Finesse Moves rating. His Speed rating is also a decent 83. All this, when combined in one package, makes for one solid defensive player.

D.J. Moore

Playing Wide Receiver for Carolina Panthers, Moore is rated at 77 OVR. He is one of the best players to receive the ball because his Juke is rated at 94 and Catching is rated at 84. He is going to be a solid player at the receiving end of your team. What he lacks in Speed, he makes up with excellent route running.

Calvin Ridley

Playing Wide Receiver for Atlanta Falcons, Calvin is rated at 77 OVR. He has an excellent Speed rating of 93 coupled with 93 Acceleration, 95 Agility, and 91 Juke. All these stats make his an excellent runner and a very agile player on the field. His Catching is a decent 81 and suffers Catching in Traffic which is only 78. He can only play well in open and will suffer in traffic.

Dante Pettis

Playing Wide Receiver for San Francisco 49ers, Dante is rated at 76 OVR. He boasts 90 Speed rating with 85 Catching making him a formidable Wide Receiver for any team.

Courtland Sutton

Playing Wide Receiver for Denver Broncos, Courtland is rated at 75 OVR. He is a very tall player with 89 Speed rating. His height is excellent for handling the receiving side and he can run at a decent Speed as well. This makes him a reliable Wide Receiver. He also boasts 89 Spectacular Catch and 85 Catch in Traffic stats.

Anthony Miller

Playing Wide Receiver for Chicago Bears, Miller is rated at 74 OVR. His route running is very decent with 82 rating for short and 80 rating for mid but he lacks catching which is rated at 80. He makes to our top 5 Wide Receivers list but he is at the last slot so you can pick him if no one else is available to you from this list.

Derwin James

Derwin James plays SS for Los Angeles Chargers. He has an overall rating of 80 OVR. He is one of the strongest defensive players with some scary stats of 90 Hit Power, 90 Speed, and 81 Man Coverage. Derwin has the highest Hit Power in all of the Rookie class and this combined with his exceptional Speed and Man Coverage gives out a defensive player for Los Angeles Chargers.

Denzel Ward

Denzel Ward plays Cornerback for Cleveland Browns. He has an overall rating of 80 OVR. He is one of the strongest defensive front players featuring 95 Speed and 95 Agility. Denzel also has a high Jump rating of 92. His only downside is a low Catch Rating. Other than this, he is a solid player of Cleveland Browns defensive line.

Baker Mayfield

Playing Quarterback for Cleveland Browns, Baker is rated at 81 OVR. He has a rating of 87 when it comes to throwing under pressure that is the highest of any rookie in Madden 19. He also boasts 80+ rating for short, mid, and deep ranges which is unique to only him.

Lamar Jackson

Playing Quarterback for Baltimore Ravens, Lamar is rated at 79 OVR. His prominent stats are 91 Speed with 94 Throw Power making him an excellent player who can move with Speed and Throw the Ball effectively at the same time. He is very accurate as he features 83 short, 80 mid, and 74 deep ratings for throws. His Juke is also very high at 89.

Josh Rosen

Playing Quarterback for Arizona Cardinals, Josh is rated at 78 OVR. He is also a very accurate Quarterback with 89 rating for short throw and 85 rating for mid-throw. He can pass the ball from anywhere in the field with amazing accuracy making him a great quarterback,

Sam Darnold

Playing Quarterback for New York Jets, Sam is rated at 75. Again, Sam is a very accurate player with short rated at 86 and mid rated at 82. He also boasts 90 Throw Power that ensures that all passes are accurate and they reach their destination and never fall short from anywhere in the field.

Josh Allen

Playing Quarterback of Buffalo Bills, Josh Allen is rated at 74 OVR. Josh is the most powerful passer in Madden 19 as his Throw Power is rated at 99. Everyone will want Josh Allen on his team because of his immense Throw Power and decent accuracy.

Vita Vea

Vita Vea plays DT for Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He is rated at 79 OVR. Vita is yet another beast and it is very difficult to stop him once he starts running. He features 97 Strength which makes him one of the strongest rookies out there but he lacks Power and Finesse which makes for the low overall rating. Because of his enormous Strength and size, he is probably the best player to use while disrupting the runs of the opposition.

Saqoun Barkley

Playing Running Back for New York Giants, Saqoun Barkley is a solid Running Back player with a balance of Speed and moves. His Speed is rated at 92 while his Juke Move is rated at 91. He is probably the top rated Running Back in Madden 19.

Derrius Guice

Playing Running Back for Washington Redskins, Derrius Guice is rated at 78 OVR. He has 89 Speed, 93 Agility, 91 Carrying, and 91 Trucking. These are excellent stats for a decent running back hence Derrius Guice has made his place in our best running back rookies list. He is an excellent ball carrier and his carrying and trucking are highest than all players in this list.

Ronald Jones

Playing Running Back for Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Ronald Jones is rated at 77 OVR. He has an exceptional Speed rating of 93 and 89 rated Juke Move. He is a very fast player and comes over his other deficiencies with sheer Speed and moves. As a running back, he can handle anything with his Speed and incredible Ball Carrier Move. He is very weak in blocking so he is a liability when it comes to blocking.

Sony Michel

Playing Running Back for New England Patriots, Sony Michel is rated at 77 OVR. He features some impressive stats as well. His Speed is rated at 90, Agility at 93, and Juke Move at 88. He is a very good running back who can fit in any RB role. He can be used as a great rusher.

Nick Chubb

Playing Running Back for Cleveland Browns, Nick Chubb is rated at 76 OVR. Chubb may have a slower Speed rating of 88 than other players but what he lacks in Speed, makes up in Strength which is rated at 85. His Trucking is rated at 87 and Agility is rated at 83 which somewhat limits his quick movements.

This concludes our best Madden NFL 19 rookies for every position guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!