Battlefield V Auto Spotting Was A Bug, Won’t Be Present In The Final Version

Battlefield V is scheduled to release later this year and for those who wanted to get a taste of what’s being cooked, DICE released an alpha version of the game allowing everyone to get first look at the game but some people were unhappy due to the auto system present in the game which turns out to be a bug.

Battlefield V Alpha included an auto spotting feature which turned out to be really annoying for some runners and a nightmare for campers as well. If you aimed down at sight and found an enemy, a logo or icon appeared on their head disclosing their location. You just had to keep aiming to find out enemies which was a serious problem for snipers.

Everyone has been worried about it to be included in the final version of the game but thank God, the developers responded to the community by telling that it was nothing else than a mistake. It’s a bug and won’t be available in the final version of the game. Still, you will able to spot gadgets which is a good thing i guess.

If you haven’t got the chance to play the alpha then don’t worry as DICE has announced that more alpha keys are coming soon. Battlefield V closed alpha was a success and the servers were full shortly.

Alpha also revealed some hidden gun skins which weren’t meant for the public. It’s rumored that the game will include a map or a location based on the Battle of Arras 1940.

Other than that, an exclusive event called ”Road To Battlefield” has started in Battlefield 1 which will allow you to earn free maps for BF1, BF4 and some cosmetics for Battlefield V.

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