Titanfall Online Cancelled Due To Poor Development, Franchise Is Still Going

EA and Nexon, who were supposed to be developing a version of Titanfall for Asian players, announced today that they’ve had Titanfall Online cancelled due to poor product development. Titanfall Online was originally announced in 2016, to be a free alternative to the game for Asian players, but no such luck.

Nexon is a large entertainment company in South Korea which served the purpose of apparently making versions of popular games that could be played in Asia and other areas. However, now that news is out that they’ve had Titanfall Online cancelled, there’s no telling if Asia will see anything like the game anytime soon in the future.

EA and Nexon both said that they believed that reallocating the game’s resources to other projects would be better for the company. Nexon might not want to risk another failure, considering that in addition to owning various games like Counter-Strike Online and Maplestory 2, Nexon also owned the recently-cancelled Lawbreakers, which failed epically after it was released and was the only completed game released by Cliff Blezinski’s Boss Key Productions.

Thankfully, however, while Titanfall Online being cancelled is a blow to the franchise, EA says that they’re still dedicated to continuing the series. That’s probably the best news out of this whole situation, especially considering that Titanfall 2 was hamstrung during its 2016 release time by being released between Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

However, considering the vast improvement between the first and second Titanfall games, EA acquiring Respawn Entertainment in 2017 will hopefully be able to continue the series in a meaningful manner, and hopefully they will treat the game right.

Either way, with Titanfall Online cancelled, there’s no telling what Nexon and EA will end up doing with video games in the future. But at the same time, hopefully we’ll continue to get Titanfall games for a good, long time.