Super Mario 64 Speedrun Record Broken By Accident During Star Gathering Challenge

Previously, the Super Mario 64 speedrun record, that is, the fastest anyone’s been able to complete the game, stood at one hour, forty-two minutes, and thirty-two seconds. However, a Japanese player named Nero, who was competing in an entirely different challenge, managed to break that record entirely by accident.

Nero was, apparently, originally going for a contest with the old speedrun record, a gamer named paycayshun. The challenge was originally going to be who could collect the game’s 120 stars the fastest, but after he completed all of the stars Nero saw that he had beaten paycayshun’s speedrun record by a full 17 seconds, and it likely would have been more if he hadn’t stopped to take two breaks during the event.

Speedrunning is a highly competitive field, driving many speedrunners to attempt to beat a number of games as fast as they can either legitimately or illegitimately, making use of glitches to bypass obstacles, button-mashing through dialogue, and coming up with various shortcuts to cross particularly difficult segments easily. Games Done Quick, one of the premiere speedrunning events in the gaming community, is an entire convention and charity drive dedicated to seeing how fast players can get through various games.

Considering that Super Mario 64 has a number of particularly difficult challenges to complete for stars, and has a lot of things to collect, it’s one of the most popular speedrun games. It will likely continue to be that for a long time into the future, especially since there will likely be a lot of speedrunners who will want to beat the Super Mario 64 speedrun record, even if it’s a difference of only a few seconds like Nero’s own record.

If you want to see the video of Nero breaking the Super Mario 64 speedrun record, you can find the video further up this article.