10 RPGs To Play While You Wait For The Elder Scrolls 6

Bethesda recently announced The Elder Scrolls 6 but it was a short teaser trailer that showed very little about the game. Apart from this reveal, they also revealed that The Elder Scrolls 6 was going to be a next-generation title that greatly disappointed the fans who are waiting for the next The Elder Scrolls game for a long time.

RPGs to Try While Waiting for The Elder Scrolls 6

However, everything is not all gloom and doom if you are one of the fans of RPGs waiting for the next The Elder Scrolls game. We have here curated a list of some of the best RPGs out there that will keep you occupied for a long time with their unique gameplay mechanics, epic stories, and wonderful worlds.

We recommend that you give these RPGs a shot as they are some of the best titles in this genre and they will help you quench your RPG thirst until The Elder Scrolls 6 is released.

Stardew Valley

Our first game is Stardew Valley which is an indie-farming RPG and was launched back 2016. Stardew Valley is a game that is mostly overlooked because of its old-school graphics and top-down view but underneath that, it offers a very solid RPG experience.

You take over your grandfather’s farm and then it is up to you to manage it, however, you want to. You can visit a nearby city, meet new people, expand your farm, and do all sorts of stuff a farmer does on his farm. The best part of this is that you must look after your own self while doing so as well.

For example, nightfalls, you still have work left to do and you decide not to go to bed in time, you will have less energy to work the next day so you will compromise the work next day by not going to bed on time. This adds to the challenge where you must balance your daily chores and manage your own needs at the same time.

Dragon Age: Origins

The original Dragon Age game is so far the best in the series and if for some reason, you have not played the game until now, we recommend that you play it right away. Dragon Age: Origins was released in 2009 and surprisingly the game holds pretty well and does not feel too much dated even by today’s standards.

Dragon Age: Origins boasts some of the best quests, side quests, and most memorable characters to go on a journey with. The combat system of the game is somewhat similar to XCOM games but it is not very complex and you can get hold of it easily. The best aspect of the game was its characters and their impact on the main story of the game.

The latest game in the series was Inquisition which was ways better than Dragon Age 2. However, we recommend that to get the best Dragon Age experience, you must play Dragon Age: Origins. The story is not very long but you can play the game multiple times and choose different choices each time.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance came out recently and it yet another solid RPG. Deep Silver released it in February 2018. In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you are put in the shoes of Henry, son of a slain blacksmith. Henry must make his place in the world and help the resistance restore the rightful king as well as avenge his slain family.

The game features a big open world with plenty of things to do. The game recently received a DLC which allows you to build your own village from scratch which adds to the already huge game by allowing you to micro-manage your own village. Despite some initial bugs, the game is now patched and offers a stellar RPG experience.

Divinity: Original Sin

Larian Studios and Focus Interactive released Divinity: Original Sin in 2015. Divinity: Original Sin is a great fantasy RPG and the fans loved it when the game was launched. It even comes with a game editor that allows the players to create their own unique single-player and multiplayer adventures with an option to publish them online for others to play them too.

The game is an isometric RPG yet it delivers on every front. The game looks amazing, combat is stellar and the gameplay mechanics are crisp. The game dialogue is all via on-screen text and it does a great job as it full of knowledge, humor, and lore. The writing is one of the strongest suites of the game and it does a great job of involving you with the game world.

You can explore the world for quests and they are all discovered naturally. The more you explore the world, more you uncover. The game also features co-op quest completing where players can join your game and all of the party can then complete quests together to make the game even more fun.


Fable is a renowned RPG franchise for Xbox and PC systems. The franchise comprises of three titles and a fourth card game which we will not be including here. The first three titles of the series are true to core RPG titles with the game only guiding you until the character creation. Once the character is developed, the game lets you do the rest however, you want to.

The whole world is open to you and you can do whatever you want in the game. The game gives you the freedom to kill anyone in the game, date anyone in the game, make your own decisions while playing the main story and be whoever you want to be. The game features some of the best environments with excellent atmospheres.

The world feels lively with some sort of activity going on everywhere. What makes Fable different from other RPGs on this list is that where every other RPG has a gripping story and wants you to experience it, Fable focuses more on having fun and being whoever you want to be in the world.

You can buy business and houses in the game as well. You can become a very good person or a very bad person depending on your actions. This sort of freedom to do whatever you want is seldom seen in any RPG game. Fable 1 and 2 received Anniversary Editions which had better graphics and catered to systems that are more modern.

We recommend that you play Fable 1, Fable 2 while Fable 3 is also a great title on its own, it is not related to the first two titles and we can say that the first two titles are what really set the direction for the series. The third installment diverts from the path of the first two games but it is not a bad title after all.

Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon is a unique one of a kind 2D RPG which features very unique visual art. It is an indie title, was released in 2016, and was also released later in 2018 on Nintendo Switch. Apart from the solid gameplay, this game offers one of the most unique visuals that you can just sit and stare at.

In Darkest Dungeon, you find new partners, assemble your team of four, and go for loot hunting in some of the most gruesome dungeons in the world. The game features a perma-death feature which means that if a character dies, they die for good, and there are no respawns for them whatsoever.

This adds to the challenge of the game because you spend quite a lot of time building up the characters, their skills, and equipment and if they die, everything is lost for good. To survive in Darkest Dungeon, you need to take risks while being careful and we absolutely love it. We highly recommend that you give this game a shot.

Dragon’s Dogma

Dragon’s Dogma is another RPG title that not many players are aware of or have played the game. The game was released back in 2013 for older generation consoles and then again in 2016 on the current generation of consoles. Despite its low awareness, the game is actually quite good and it has made its way to our list.

In Dragon’s Dogma, you take on the role of a player called the Arisen who is on his path to defeat the Dragon and save the world from its utter destruction. On your way, you meet new people and make friends with them. The game features solid RPG elements with choices, character customization, and team managing.

The combat itself is decent and every battle in the game is so huge that it feels like a boss battle. The enemy AI is smart and definitely give you a tough time. The game also allows online co-op where other players can join in on the fun. If you have some spare time, we recommend that you give this game a shot.

The Witcher Franchise

The Witcher is an RPG franchise from CD Projekt Red based on a famous novel by the same name. The franchise comprises of three installments with The Witcher III: Wild Hunt being the latest one. The Witcher is RPG done right. Since the launch of the first game, the game has come a long way and we can see the progress in every later installment in the franchise over the previous one.

The first game when released was an instant hit and people loved it but it was actually the second title in the franchise that blew people away. It featured a huge open world with story adapting to your choices. The world was full, lively, and beautiful and it never gave the impression of being empty despite its huge size.

The last game in the franchise was a miracle and the impression it left on us is still fresh to this day. It is probably the best RPG out there at the moment and we are not joking about it. The game was huge filled with side-quests, monster hunts, random encounters, and monsters of all sizes and shapes.

Despite the huge world and story, the game received two expansions Hearts of Stone and Blood Wine with Blood and Wine adding a completely new map to the already huge game. The story is absolutely amazing and is an emotional roller coaster. The two expansions are equally good as the base game and are totally worth the price.

If there is one game on this list that we would recommend to the level that you get up and buy it right away to play, it is The Witcher III. Although the story is linked with the previous two games, the last game does enough to fill you in on the past. However, we would recommend that you at least start with the second game if not the first one to really get in the game and the amazing characters featured in it.

Dark Souls

Everyone is aware of Dark Souls franchise and how hard these games are. This does not stop us to include this game in our top 10 list because Dark Souls is indeed one of the best RPG experience currently out there. Developed and released by FromSoftware, the franchise has seen three titles with the first one getting a remastered edition as well.

This is a good thing because the title that we are going to recommend to start the franchise with is indeed the first game. The original Dark Souls is what started the magic. The game features some of the best boss fights, best level designs all accompanied by some of the best music that we can ever dream of.

All of this combines with a deep story hidden in the game and churns out an RPG experience like no other. We highly recommend that you play Dark Souls and then if you like the first game, move on to the second and third game in the franchise. Be patient with the game and you will have a blast playing it.

Diablo III

The Diablo franchise is also a stellar RPG gaming series from Blizzard Entertainment. The latest game in the series in Diablo III and it was released in 2012. Despite the bugs at launch and some connectivity issues, the game was patched up quickly and now offers one of the best dungeon crawling experiences of all time.

The game follows the same classic Diablo playstyle where you pick a character class, then follow the story, clearing up dungeons, beating up bosses, and eventually get powerful enough to take on the Diablo. An expansion Reaper of Souls was released later for the game which adds hours more to the game.

You can start playing with the third game as it is the newest game in the franchise and the first two games are very dated now. Although they offer the same gameplay experience they might be a deal breaker for some players so we recommend that you play the third game in the series and experience what a real dungeon crawler RPG is all about.

This concludes our list of 10 RPGs to play while you wait for The Elder Scrolls 6. Did we miss your favorite RPG? If yes then do not forget to use the comments section below to tell us about your favorite RPG that you would like people to play while waiting for The Elder Scrolls 6.