Fake Nvidia GTX 2080 Ti Benchmarks Making Their Rounds on the Internet, Don’t Fall For It

Nvidia GTX 2080 Ti benchmarks have been spotted for AoS and these benchmarks suggest that the graphics card has similar performance to the GTX 1080. While it has been published by some sites it is clearly not real. It is pretty unlikely that the next generation graphics cards will have similar performance to the current generation Pascal graphics cards.

It is worth noting that the person that has uploaded the benchmark has not actually played the game. I find that off. I would give this guy the benefit of the doubt considering that this guy could be a game tester rather than a player. You can check out the Nvidia GTX 2080 Ti benchmarks below.

It is fortunate that the viewers of said sites are not taking the bait and are mentioning that these are indeed fake. I mean it is so obvious that these Nvidia GTX 2080 Ti benchmarks cant even be labeled as a rumor. They are clearly fake. The benchmark has been run with the Core i7-7700K. This might be an older CPU but it has 4 cores so it is enough for gaming.

The naming scheme also seems pretty off. After the 10 series, the GTX 11 series would make better sense and that is what we have been hearing of. Even though it has not been confirmed by Nvidia that the upcoming GPUs will be naked GTX 11 series, it seems likely.

Pascal was released 2 years ago and it is impossible that Nvidia would release a new generation of graphics cards that would have the same performance as the Pascal series. That makes no sense. I am sure Nvidia has thought this through and will provide a proper upgrade. I think it will be a 40% upgrade moving to the next generation at the very least. I do not think that enthusiasts will be willing to pay for a refresh that only offers 10-15% performance boost.

The device name mentions GSS which could mean GRUS Sparse Solver. This is a novel sparse direct solver that runs CPU/GPU compute simultaneously. On the other hand, this could be something else entirely. It should be interesting to see what the upcoming generation of graphics cards will have to offer as compared to the competition as well as the current Pascal series.

Let us know what you think about these Nvidia GTX 2080 Ti benchmarks and whether or not you think these are fake.