There is a Possibility Of A New Vehicle Joining PUBG Xbox, A Potential Leak Suggests

The news of a new vehicle joining PUBG Xbox is pretty thin, so giving you a disclaimer from the start that, take this with a grain of salt. Now we have that out on the table, it certainly would be great to see this new Vehicle in the PUBG Xbox.

There has been a lot of speculation surrounding a recent Tweet by the executive producer at Microsoft, Nico Bahary. Now it does seem act as a tease for PUBG but then again we cant be so sure. Perhaps you will be the best judge, of the post.

Nico Bahary recently took to his Twitter account and posted an image of the vehicle, the Mirado, in what seems to be the PUBG game. However, the Tweet apparently has no text accompanying it just an in-game screenshot of PUBG on Miramar.

Now, why is there a speculation, on a new vehicle to possibly join the PUBG Xbox? That is because Bahary has previously worked on the PUBG in regards to Xbox, fans are under the presumption that there is a possibility that he is the perfect one to leak this type of news.

If you would remember, the developers use the same screenshot that has been posted by Bahary, in April following which they rolled out the Patch 12 for PC which did add the car to the PC version of the game. So it seems pretty relatable that, this time it for Xbox version of the game.

With all that said, did you hear the news of the most popular PUBG Streamer, Shroud getting banned for a month? Apparently, he teamed up with a hacker to cheat in the game.

So that pretty interesting, that said, what are your thoughts on the possibility of a new vehicle joining PUBG Xbox? Let us know in the comments below.