New Anthem Gameplay Trailer Dissected – Features, Changes, Everything To Know

Anthem is the word on the street right now and people are eager to read! There was very little news as to how the game would play out apart from the fact that it will not have any PvP modes upon launch. However, there have been New Anthem gameplay details recently and we are so excited to share them with you.

Let us go ahead and analyze the Anthem gameplay details to take a look at whether or not the game is exciting. The new footage that has been shown has a lot of new tidbits that give us a deep look into the game.

New Anthem Gameplay Dissected

We did get to see some of the menial stuff such as the fact that we will have a HUD that will be quite a bit customizable and we will be able to modify things such as the font sizes and the opacity of the HUD. However, that was not all that we have to see, as there were a lot of gameplay details too. It has also been confirmed that there is no cross-play as of yet between the consoles.

The Ultimate Abilities work in a manner that you would expect. There is a bar that you can fill up and when it is full, you can unleash hell. We have been told that you will be able to fill up the bar fairly quickly so you may be able to use multiple Ultimate during a boss fight.

The Gameplay

As for the loot that you will get, we have been told that the armor that is found will have stats that are random and they will also have different perks. This is good, as it will allow you to continue finding loot and rerunning quests so as to get the perks on the armor that you need.

You will have your own crew and you will form relationships with various different characters in the game. The developers over at BioWare have stated that the relationships will be meaningful and deep but they have also confirmed that romances will not be a part of Anthem as they want to focus on relationships that everyone can have.

On that topic, you will be able to use emotes and it will be interesting to see whether they are just placed there for the aesthetic or they have an effect on your quests. At the very least, we can expect a lot of sandbagging if and when a PvP mode for the game comes out.

The map will have Strongholds that are certain locations that have both close quarter and open field combat. These areas will be massive in size and will try to act sort of like a dungeon does. Maybe the boss fights will be set up in Strongholds like these? Whatever they turn out to be, they do look absolutely gorgeous in the gameplay. As for their length, it has been confirmed that in order to clear out a stronghold, you will need at least 30 to 40 minutes of your time set aside.

As you may have seen in the demo footage, there is a giant machine known as the Strider that you have on your side. However, you will not be able to drive it yourself. There is a specific guy who drives that machine for you while you sit and watch from the sidelines.

The overall map is going to be much larger than we have seen. According to BioWare, we have only seen a single subregion, and there are 10 different subregions in the game that you can traverse. We have been promised a massively large world and we will be able to use the tools that we have such as the Strider almost everywhere.

Your Strider will show your Javelin and will have minor customization options according to your story. You cannot directly change how it looks but it will change based on your choices in the story. BioWare has stated that they plan to add customization options into the Strider after launch though. The currency that you earn in the game can also be used to buy certain crafting materials if you are not in the mood to find them yourself.

The game also has to craft. You can use various different nodes in the game that you can use to craft various different items. There is no hunting that can aid you in crafting but there will be specific missions that will task you with hunting specific creatures across the world.

The animals will be hostile to you for the most part but there will be a few who will not bother you and will be there for the aesthetic mostly. Moreover, no, you cannot get one of those animals as a pet.

As you may have guessed by now, the game will have a lot of grinding. It is quite similar to the way Destiny works so the game may get boring. However, the world will be dynamic and will interact with you constantly. This will make reruns of missions much more fun, as each playthrough of the quest will be different from the last. However, be prepared to play a quest many times in hunt for that tasty loot.

There will be items from other BioWare IPs too such as Dead Space and Titanfall. These will come up in the form of cosmetic items for the most part such as skins. Of course, the game will have a lot of its own skins as well for you to buy if you are willing to spend some more money after purchase.

That is all we have for new Anthem gameplay details. Let us know your thoughts about the game so far using the comments section below!