It Seems Players Are Ready to Forgive Hello Games, No Man’s Sky About to Make a Comeback?

If we discuss the biggest marketing disaster of this generation of gaming, No Man’s Sky would lead the debate. However, it seems No Man’s Sky and Hello Games are on the road to redemption.

Many notable updates released for the game, changes made to regenerated universe, newly opened portal stargates, new biomes, deeper trading, exocraft for advanced exploration, new modes (Survival/Permadeath/Creative), base building, new missions/story, terrain manipulation, crashed/interstellar freighters, and deeper space combat.

The efforts made to improve the game are nothing short of impressive and it seems parts of the community is changing its mind about No Man’s Sky. If we look at the Steam reviews of No Man’s Sky, recent feedback is positive which led to “Mixed” reviews. Here is some of the feedback from Steam users.

1:no micro-transactions, free updates, Good. Is becoming a good game.

Should have been advertised as Early Access, would have avoided a lot of heat.

2: THe updates released to this game is simply awesome. Well worth the money if you’re into space/exploration/trading/building game. Also multiplayer is coming shortly.

3: After arguably the most over-hyped and disappointing releasing of all time, the developers could have taken the money and run. But they didn’t. They could have updated the game through paid DLC. But they didn’t. Instead, they seem to have set themselves the task of creating what was potentially their original vision before it was completely derailed by the hype train and making it available to all buyers for free. This includes the expected upcoming multiplayer patch.

The game itself still isn’t perfect. Its grindy, somewhat simplistic and saddled with what is probably one of the worst inventory systems I have ever had the misfortune to use. At the same time though, it genuinely rewards exploration and doles out intriguing snippets of backstory across multiple plot threads that both prevent the game from sinking into a mire of generic procedural generation. There is always one more thing to do; build a new base, buy a new ship, visit a new planet type, craft a new item. Even after over a hundred hours I still haven’t purchased a freighter. Rather than rush, I have whiled away the hours cruising between planets, seeing the sights and deciding how I want to shape the galaxy.

The developers have finally earned the asking price.

There are so many changes made to the game but still, is it a worthwhile experience? Especially at $60? Well, by no means it is a full priced at but kudos to Hello Games for not giving up on it and working toward their original vision. I would definitely suggest reducing the price to entice players into No Man’s Sky.

Do you think Hello Games should reduce the price? Have you experienced the game lately?