How The Division 2 Learns From Mistakes Ubisoft Made With The Division

The Division is quite a decent game. It still has a solid player base and has a lot of people are buying the game even today. However, the game was not short of mistakes and these mistakes have now been heard loud and clear by Ubisoft as shown in The Division 2.

The Division 2 does well to eradicate some of these mistakes. It does not manage to fix everything of course but enough has been done by Ubisoft to make the sequel worth playing. We will be taking a look at how The Division 2 has rectified whatever was wrong with the original game.

What was Wrong with The Division?

There were a few issues with The Division. One of the main ones was the fact that the content that was provided to us at the launch was far too little to satisfy the players. Pretty much everyone who liked the game played through all of the content very quickly and that meant that Ubisoft needed to give everyone something new.

Although they delivered, it took them a long time. These sorts of problems are something that can easily be fixed by a studio as large as Ubisoft. Moreover, it is stuff just like that that Ubisoft is hoping to fix with this sequel.

A good example of this can be seen in the quality of life improvements such as removing those annoying Signature Skills and adding an Armor Bar on top of your Health bar so that you know how much armor you have left.

How The Division 2 is Better?

Before we begin, remember that The Division 2 is still in development and a lot of the features that are mentioned here may change as we near the launch of the game.

The Launch

As we stated before, the launch of The Division was not the best way to introduce the game to the world. The Division was quite extensively bought upon its release. So much so that it became the fastest selling Ubisoft game at that time. Not only that, it also did fairly well with the critics as most of them praised the nature of the gameplay and how easy it was to be able to do multiple things in the game.

However, the content that was available quickly ran out. Because of this, the player base started to diminish quite fast. If this was a game which was based around a singleplayer story like we have seen in the past (example Spec Ops: The Line), then it would be fine. However, this was a game that Ubisoft planned to make playable years after its release. Eventually, Ubisoft did release a lot of content and people enjoy this game to this day.

The Division 2 plans to fix this by having a lot more content at launch so that players can enjoy the game until the first DLC hits.

The Division 2 Major Changes

There have been quite a few small changes that are apparent but only to those that have played the first game quite extensively. An example of this can be seen with the Signature Weapons. Now, you will not be able to easily win the game using your Signature Weapons. They will still be very powerful but they will definitely not be game breaking like they were in The Division. They will also probably not have health effects as they did in the original game.

For example, you could actually be invincible for a short time once you got the weapon. You could also perform outrageous and annoying actions like reviving your teammates from afar. That is all not going to be a part of the game and you will need to use your skills instead (this might not be a welcome change for some players).

In the original game, you could have up to 14 grenades at the same time. It was clunky to use them and having 14 grenades essentially made PvP as bad as Battlefield 2, with an intense level of grenade spamming that can make you break your monitor.

The Division 2 ties your grenades to specializations that means you can only take a single type of grenade with you in the Battlefield. This will lessen the spam and help players think more as they will not have an almost endless supply of grenades to throw.

Medkits are also different in the game. You no longer have to press a button to instantly heal. Now, you need to hold the Medkit button and ensure that you do not take any damage in the 2 seconds it takes you to heal. You cannot move or fire a weapon either so there will not be any face tanking in the game as far as we can tell.

Consumables are also changed. You can still give them to civilians and the consumable wheel is now gone. There will still be some consumables as far as we can see but it definitely seems like they are trying to reduce the number of consumables that we can use to get buffs in the middle of the fight.

The skills in the game were for the most part activated by the press of a button. After that, you did not need to do anything else. Now, the skills seem much more interactive and you can actually control what you do with them rather than to hopelessly rely on RNG to come to our favor. An example of this is a drone. We can now use it at multiple different places by repressing the button that activates it.

This will allow us to strategize much more. Not only that, this also makes these skills much more viable in PvP than they were before.

This is how The Division 2 learns from The Division mistakes. Let us know your thoughts on the game using the comments section below!