Ghost of Tsushima Combat – How Does Combat Work, Stealth Mechanics, Boss Fights

Ghost of Tsushima was one of the games that excited us the most at E3. There was a lot of talk on how the game was going to be and more specifically, how will it try to differentiate itself from its counterparts in gameplay mechanics. Since combat is the most integral part of the game, let us discuss Ghost of Tsushima combat.

Ghost of Tsushima combat is different enough to make the game a lot more interesting than it would be otherwise. There are a lot of different combat mechanics that you can use to get some flashy kills, so let us go ahead and see what they are.

Ghost of Tsushima Combat

One of the first things that we have been told about the combat systems is the fact that we will not need to use combat if we do not want to. Just like many other games like Shadow Tactics: Blades of Shogun, you will have the option between either fighting the enemies or just hiding and trying to sneak past them.

So in case trying to use stealth is not an option, you might be forced to use combat. So let us go ahead and see how good the Ghost of Tsushima combat is.

How Does Combat Work?

The first thing that was immediately apparent after people got to see the gameplay behind closed doors was the fact that the people who made the game were by no means playing true to the rules of Feudal Japan. It has since been confirmed by the developers that the game will not really be a true representation of Feudal Japan. It will try to be as authentic as possible but it will branch out whenever it feels like the game can be better without the following history to the letter.

The combat itself is also not that realistic by any sense of the word. The game tries to focus more on flashiness and aplomb rather than tough engaging fights with enemies equally as powerful as you do. The gameplay video that we saw shows the lead character get off his horse and then shred down enemies using his weapon.

Of course, we immediately see a scene where we have to be stealthy after that so it means that there will be some places where being stealthy will be advantageous over being courageous. As for the combat, we can see that the efficient use of your weapon will be very important. There are multiple different moves at your disposal and it will be up to you to use them to their maximum potential.

The developers have made it clear that you will have a decent amount of choice as to whether you want to take the stealth approach or the all-out warfare approach. However, they have also stated that the events of the game will nudge the player in one of those directions. That can be seen in the trailer as choosing to go offensive there would have resulted in the death of the monk.

You will not be fighting with only one enemy at a time either but that should not come as a surprise. The combat seems to be the only thing that has made the game stand out particularly in the trailers so far. The story itself seems to be quite clichéd, but the combat has enough of an ‘oomph’ factor in itself for the game to excite people.

The combat looks arcade-ish in the trailer, but it seems as if there might be certain complexities to it that can only be seen once you are in the game. Sucker Punch has stated that the game will try to veer more towards slow-paced combat that considers every action.

As such, players will have a little bit of time to think about their next move and plan accordingly. This sort of slow combat will fit in with the stark and austere tone of the game that is meant to portray hopelessness and pain that the Japanese faced during the Mongolian Invasion.

You are also able to use your height to advantage. The gameplay trailer shows the main character using height to surprise the enemies who are holding the monk captive. There is an element of strategy to this as you are able to decide which enemy you target first so as to remove the threat that is most imminent first.

After that, begins a fight that can be somewhat considered a boss fight. There seem to be a lot of different angles that the fight can be seen from and the game looks absolutely beautiful. The combat itself may be pretty sharp but the graphics are what push it over the edge. Killing people in The Ghost of Tsushima is quite a fun endeavor and watching the blood spurt up from their bodies is very satisfying.

That is all we know about Ghost of Tsushima combat. Let us know your thoughts on the game using the comments section below!