Kingdom Come: Deliverance From the Ashes DLC Released

Five months ago, Kingdom Come: Deliverance was launched and it made its place quickly in the genre of RPGs where it stood prominently because of its unique game mechanics and difficult gameplay. It is a very detailed RPG that looks amazing and it certainly captured the medieval experience in one nifty package.

We got in the shoes of Henry and we were able to develop him thoroughly by picking his skills and profession and building him up as a warrior as well. Kingdom Come: Deliverance recently received its first official DLC by the name of From the Ashes and it adds more depth to the already very deep gameplay of the base game.

The DLC builds on the concept of Bailiffs that are present in every village of the game and they have been helping the player out throughout the game in different ways. From the Ashes puts Henry in the shoes of a Bailiff who must build his village literally from the ashes and restore its formal glory. You can check out the launch trailer of From the Ashes DLC below:

Yes, you can see from the trailer that the village that Henry will be rebuilding is Pribyslavitz. If you have already played the base game, you will know the importance of this village and how it was left devastated. It is now up to Henry to build the village from scratch and return it to its formal glory.

Players will be facing the challenges of both a finance manager and a city builder as the budget is tight and players will be required to build the village from ground up. You will have to build structures, manage them and start getting profit so that you can use more money to make the village even better and add more buildings to it.

Players will be adding Tavern, Bakery, Stable, Laboratory, Church, Town Hall and more similar buildings to the village and hire people from the game to manage them. This is a very good DLC and feels like a solid extension to the already vast game. This DLC offers a unique experience and a good change from the normal RPG routine of the game.

If you have played the original game and want more out of it, we highly recommend that you purchase the From the Ashes DLC that is now available for $9.99 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You will need the full base game as this DLC is integrated into the complete game and does not feel like a separate DLC at all.

Let us know in the comments section below about how you feel about the From the Ashes DLC and will you be buying it.