Fortnite Coming To Tencent’s WeGame Platform This Month

Fortnite has become quite a phenomenon since its release and the game is showing no signs of slowing down. The game is already available on PC, however, Epic Games sill feels that the game could reach more players by bringing the game to Tencent’s WeGame platform.

Epic Games bringing Fortnite to WeGame service is somewhat surprising since the game isn’t available on Steam and is available through a separate launcher.

However, given that Tencent has a stake in Epic Games, 40% to be exact, it makes sense that the game is coming to Tencent’s WeGame platform.

Fornite is coming to the Tencent’s online store on July 24. For those who don’t know, WeGame is a digital store for video games, much like Steam.

This comes following Tencent’s announcement that it is working on bringing a global version of WeGame which will be available “for overseas users” indicating that Tencent is planning to take on Valve’s Steam platform, which is currently the biggest marketplace of PC games.

Speaking of the game, Epic Games is supporting the game with new content and seasons and in preparation of the Season 5, Fortnite Llamas have started to pop up in Europe.

Aside from the new content, seasons in Fortnite also bring changes to the game as the last season made changes to the map. Also, Epic Games has a knack for teasing its fans before a season goes live in Fortnite.

The game has been very popular among the gamers especially due to its upbeat theme and its emotes that give a personality of its own to the game. However, one school has banned “Floss” dance for being too violent.

According to the school, the reason behind banning the Floss dance is that the game is about killing other players and the school wants to give a message of peace and kindness towards other humans.

Fortnite is a free-to-play Battle Royale game developed by Epic Games for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.