Fortnite Rift Has Spawned A Skeleton In Moisty Mire Ahead Of Season 5

If you are someone who plays Fortune regularly then you won’t be surprised to hear that something has appeared or disappeared from the map. The latest addition to the map is a skeleteon which has appeared from a rift in Moisty Mire.

This skeleton was discovered in Moisty Mire yesterday where the eighth portal of the game appeared. These rifts or mysterious portals started appearing in Fortnite after the rocket launch which took place on July 30.

This skeleton will eventually get bigger by time as these objects which have appeared in the map are continuously growing in size by also causing something from the surroundings (random objects) to disappear from the map.

This is the third mysterious portal in the game which has brought something new into the map. Previously we saw an anchor and an old stagecoach which suggests the theme of Wild West in the game.

We don’t know what these objects are really for but it’s rumored that season 5 of Fortnite will involve some type of time travel but we don’t know yet how it will work, we will have to wait till season 5 which is going to start soon.

It’s not just something happening inside Fortnite as there some objects from the game appearing in real life. A few days ago we saw the durrr burger making its real-life debut at California desert with some caution signs and the police car from Fortnite.

At the latest, Fortnite Llamas have started making appearances in different cities of Europe.  Fortnite llamas have been found in Paris, Cologne, Cannes, Warsaw, Barcelona, and twice in London.

Some people are now also expecting to see the tomato head from tomato town somewhere in real life. Fortnite season 5 starts on July 12 and that’s when we will officially know what’s going on and what is the theme for this season.