Fortnite Llamas Are Showing Up In Europe, Another Hint For Season 5

Over the past days, Portal rifts have started popping up in Fortnite, consuming landmarks and moving them somewhere, outside the map. After the Greasy Grove Durr Burger warping into a real-life desert, Fortnite llamas have shown up in seven different cities in Europe.

Epic Games is stepping up their game by introducing their next Season theme. Last season, the map changed, creating craters and movie-related areas throughout. This time, they’re taking the promotion to another level, by warping Fortnite items to the real world.

First, we had the Durr Burger from Greasy Grove, which was teleported to the California desert. Not only did that happen, but the company went as far as to hire a man to act as an Agent, offering the first man to show up at the place with a number on a card, which when called is providing with coordinates leading to Paris France.

After that, Fortnite llamas have been warped in Paris, Cologne, Cannes, Warsaw, Barcelona, and London (two of them). This marks a total of seven llamas showing up in real-life, making us wonder what would happen next.

Players are betting that the next thing to be found in the real world is the Tomato Head from Tomato Town. This isn’t a far-fetched theory since the head has also disappeared from the Fortnite map. What’s interesting is that other, unrelated objects are being teleported into the map, like a Wild West carrier found yesterday by several players.

Apart from this ARG, Epic Games is teasing Fortnite Season 5 through a series of photos, showing an Egyptian cat and a Viking axe.

Fortnite Season 5 launches July 12th, keeping us all hanging about the potential changes on the maps. There are rumors about a desert coming to the map along with several other “eras” depicted as special areas in the game. All shall be clear in two days when the new Season launches.