Devs Are Looking For A New Way To Create The Feeling Of “Nailed it!” In Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is coming to Nintendo Switch later this year and fans of the franchise are excited about the game. Smash Bros games have always paid attention to give the players the feeling of nailed it as they win a match using a combo or a special move. However, with Super Smash Bros Ultimate, the devs are looking for a new way to create the feeling of “Nailed it!”.

This is according to game director Masahiro Sakurai, who talked about the upcoming game in a recent interview. He was asked about what was the thinking behind the slowing down the action and zooming in on the characters as they use a combo or a special move.

To this, he replied that this is to create the feeling of “Nailed it!”. He added that the team behind the Super Smash Bros Ultimate added the “Special zoom” and “Finish zoom”.

He explained that “Special zoom” occurs when a player uses a special move to deal a lot of damage and the Finish Zoom triggers when a player is about to deal the finishing blow of the match.

There’s also the Finish zoom. This happens with a flash of light, when, for example, a hit against the last person in a stock match looks like it’s going to end the match. There was an issue with Smash where the fighters are small – it’s a game where the camera needs to be constantly pulled back, and as a result, the impact and intensity of the character is diminished. So, we were trying to come up with a way to create that feeling of “Nailed it!”, by zooming into a character where possible, and creating an effect that just feels good.

Speaking of the game, Nintendo has confirmed amiibo support the upcoming title. The following are the amiibo characters that will be rolling out for upcoming Smash Bros:

  • Ice Climbers
  • Pichu
  • Young Link
  • Snake
  • Pokemon Trainer – Squirtle, Ivysaur, Charizard
  • Wolf

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a fighting game in development at Bandai Namco Studios and is scheduled to launch on December 7, 2018, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Nintendo-Insider