Fallout 76 Could Feature the Mothman, Popular Beast from West Virginia Folklore

Bethesda is known to do their research when creating a game world and often spin the folklore to create something different or surprise the player.

Something similar could be happening with Fallout 76. It seems we may see the Mothman in Fallout 76. The game is set in West Virginia and The Mothman is a popular character from the Folklore of this area.

Point Pleasent, West Virginia is the home of The Mothman. It is a cryptozoological creature that made its first appearance in 1966. In terms of its appearance, it is a man-like creature in stature walking on two hind legs.

The creature roams the woods in the night so its color is hard to discern. However, many described it as grey while others say it’s brown. It is 6-8 feet tall and is capable of flight with two massive wings. Its red eyes are haunting.

Many creatures from West Virginia Folklore have been confirmed by Bethesda including the popular The Flatwood Monster aka The Phantom of Flatwood. But so far we have heard nothing about The Mothman which makes us wonder, could be a surprise for the player? Will we be going on a hunt for the Mothman? Well, it isn’t highly unlikely that the popular beast of the Folklore isn’t a part of Fallout 76.

There is actually a statue built to celebrate the Mothman.The Mothman Fallout 76

On top of the statue, locals celebrate The Mothman through an annual Mothman festival in September. Locals also sell carious Mothman treats all year round. Considering all this, The Mothman is more than likely to roam the woods at night in Fallout 76.

Hunting The Mothman while listening to the chartbuster “Country Roads” would be a great experience, don’t you think?

Fallout 76 is releasing on PS4, Xbox One, and PC later this year. Pre-orders for the game are now live on Steam, PlayStation Store, and Xbox Marketplace for $59.99.