Battlefield V May Include Battle Of Arras 1940 Map Or Location, Rumor

Battlefield V is scheduled to release later this year with its take on the World War 2. The game will include a single-player campaign, operations, coop modes and Battle Royale. According to the recent skin reveals for the game, it seems like the game will include a location or a map based on the Battle of Arras 1940.

EA and DICE have started an event “Road to Battlefield V” which includes DLC for Battlefield 4, Battlefield 1, more than 20 multiplayer maps and cosmetics for Battlefield V which you will be able to use when the game releases. A Reddit user shared his screenshot of the “Road to Battlefield V” section which you can see below.

The image shows two different exclusive Battlefield V Arras weapon skins which suggest that there might be a location based on it in the campaign or a map in the multiplayer section of the game. Do take it with a grain of salt as there’s nothing officially confirmed yet.

These skins do hint that a map based on the Battle of Arras might be included but also doesn’t confirm because there have been some skins and weapon in the previous games based on the name of wars but they didn’t have their locations or a map in the game.

The Battle of Arras took place during World War 2 so it will make complete sense to the developers for including it in the game and let players experience how and where it all happened.

On the other hand, Every expansion for Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1 will be free to download, leading to the launch of Battlefield V.  The “Road to Battlefield V” event has started and you can complete daily tasks to claim some free rewards including for BF5 so what are you waiting for.

Battlefield V includes a total of 8 multiplayer modes and 3 of them are brand new in the series.

Do you want Battle of Arras to be a part of the game? Let us know in the comments below.