BioWare Does Away With Anthem Romance Options – What Difference Does It Make? Let’s Discuss!

People were quite surprised to hear that Anthem would be released without having any sort of romance options. This was quite a shift in Bioware’s philosophy that was essential that romance in a game is almost as important as the gameplay and the graphics. That seems to be changing with Anthem which tends to focus on other relationships.

We will be taking a look at whether or not the romance options being absent from Anthem is a good idea or not and why is it that BioWare decided to not include them as a part of the game.

Anthem Romance

Although it has been confirmed that the game does not have any romance options for you at the launch date, we may still get to see certain romance options later on in the game. It has been confirmed by BioWare that they might give Anthem the Andromeda treatment by introducing romance options for various different characters.

That said I personally believe that it is perfectly OK for Anthem to not have any romance options upon release, and I will be telling you why I think that is so.

Anthem Romance is Dead And it is Perfectly Fine

There is a multitude of reasons why not having romances as a part of Anthem could end up working in favor of the game for the long term. Let us go ahead and take a look at some of them.

The Nature of the Game

In an interview after E3, a couple of devs representing BioWare made it clear that they planned to have relationships in the game but they would not be romantic relationships. They said that they wanted to have relationships that could be enjoyed and taken part in by everyone.

What this means is that they want people to be able to experience the emotion that a fighter would feel for his or her comrades, rather than feel attached to a certain character romantically.

A game that has a lot of conflict such as Anthem and will require you to go on various different fights with various different people in your crew could use this mechanic much better than the romance mechanic, as it will instill in you the importance of being there for each other and saving each other’s lives.

The Focus of the Game

This is another aspect that people may be forgetting. romance is, for the most part, a novelty addition to a game like Anthem since the main focus of the game is on killing enemies across a massive world. For that reason, it is a good idea to not waste time on romance options and instead sort out other aspects of the game first.

Once the game has been released, the focus of development will shift to providing new and exciting content rather than developing the fundamentals of the game. At that time, we can expect to have additions such as skins from other games and romance options for characters.

Deciding Romance-able Characters

Another effect of not having romance-able characters at the start of the game is that BioWare will now be able to use public opinion to choose which of the characters they want to romance. No one would want to romance a character that they find despicable, and that problem is now solved.

If romance does end up making its way into Anthem at some point in the future, BioWare will already know which of the characters are well liked by the community and they will be able to propel those characters forward by giving people a chance to romance them.

Why Romance Might be Good

Of course, it is important to analyze a story from both sides. There are certain advantages to be had in Anthem if romances had been an active part of the game. One of the primary ways in which that could happen is the fact that romances increase your attachment to the story. If Anthem does turn out to be a game that has a very heavy emphasis on the storytelling, then this will have been a missed opportunity.

Romances are a great way to make a person feel more immersed in the storyline and to make decisions that actually end up impacting their significant other. That said if Anthem turns out to be more focused on giving players a shared world experience the way Destiny does, then having romances would just be a hindrance that would detract players from the true purpose of the game without adding much into the experience.

Romances also add a little bit to the replayability of the game, as people may like to see how the story would turn out if they had chosen a different partner. Although this would only be applicable to a few people, romance does have its own place within games.


In conclusion, I think it is safe to say that since Anthem seems to be quite different from anything BioWare has produced so far, it is perfectly fine that they are changing the way they have set up storylines in their games by not including romances. We have no idea how the final product will play out as we only got to see a small sneak peek of the game at E3, and it could be that romances would simply be a nuisance in Anthem if they had been included.

There are of course going to be relationships that you build with various different characters throughout the game and that could be a viable replacement for any satisfaction that players may have found from the romance had it been included. That said we could not wait to see what BioWare do with Anthem and are eagerly waiting for the game to hit the shelves.

That is our opinion on Anthem romance options. Let us know your thoughts using the comments section below!